Bridesmaid wins big on scratch card wedding favour

Wedding favours are often sweets, chocolates, gifts that are personalised to the bride and groom, or other pleasantries. But one couple went for something unique and gifted everyone scratch cards.

The bride and groom, who had their wedding in Cyprus, set it all up for their guests, hoping someone would win, and someone did.

One of the bridesmaids, called Sarah, and her partner Paul, managed to win £5,000 and were delighted with it.

The wedded couple were also happy for Sarah and Paul. But the next day another bridesmaid asked Sarah if she would share her winnings with the bride and groom.

Sarah, taken aback, didn’t know how to answer and later walked off.

The story was shared on Reddit by the bridesmaid who asked Sarah and Paul if they would share, and asked if she was wrong to question them.

Most users said the bridesmaid was in the wrong.

The bridesmaid wrote on Reddit: ‘The next day, we all sat down to breakfast in the villa and were chatting about the wedding and Paul and Sarah’s win.

‘They were saying what they planned to do with the winnings and everyone was asking questions and I casually asked how much of it they were going to give to the bride and groom.

‘We sat in awkward silence for a bit, and Sarah got up and walked out.

She continued: ‘Later by the pool it was clear Sarah had been crying and Paul said I was an ***hole for making them feel awkward and implying they were cheap.’

Redditors agreed that the poster had been in the wrong for quizzing Sarah and Paul, who may have organically decided to share anyway.

One person wrote on the post: ‘The scratch card was a gift to them. There was a lot of presumption and implied judgment in your question and your subsequent conversation with them (which made you look even worse), whether you meant it or not.

‘Mind your own business in the future.’

Another user agreed, saying: ‘£5,000 is a great win but it’s not so much they can share it without making their windfall pretty meaningless to them in the end.

‘And because of the way you phrased the question you stopped them from making a kind gesture themselves and turned it into an obligation where the amount they decided to share would then be an issue for people to question if it was ‘enough’ or not.

‘It’s such a shame you turned something nice for them into something that made them sad.’

If only the winnings were bigger.

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