Dior launches baby skincare line, including £230 'scented water'

Dior launches skincare line for babies including £80 cleanser and £230 ‘perfumed water’

  • Children can enjoy a Dior three-step skincare routine and fragrance for £485
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Forget toys and teethers, Dior has launched a new range of items to top toddlers’ Christmas wish lists this year – skincare.

Baby Dior has announced its latest venture – luxury skincare for tots, with a £230 ‘scented water’ included.

The French fashion house first introduced a Baby Dior fragrance in 1970, but the new line marks a rebirth of the original collection, which is allegedly full of ‘softness’.

The highlight of the collection is Bonne Etoile, a £230 scented water for infants, which translates to ‘lucky star’.

Crafted by esteemed French perfumier Francis Kurkdijan and creator of fan-favourite Baccarat Rouge 540, the scent is described as a ‘childhood memory that comes to live’ with notes of pear, rose, and white musk. 

French fashion house, Dior, has launched a new luxury skincare routine for children – including a £230 scented water 

If that’s not enough, toddlers can enjoy a three-step skincare routine with a £80 cleanser, £80 foam and a hydrating milk for £95 to soothe their already soft skin afterwards.

In addition to the scented water, the skincare routine will set parents back £485 – but pretty bottles to brighten up the nursery are included.

At £230, Bonne Etoile, designed to scent little ones’ face and bodies, is at the centre of the collection.

Francis Kurkdjian, Dior Perfume Creative Director, crafted the perfume and Cordelia de Castellane, the Artistic Director of Baby Dior, designed the bottles.

Available in green or pink, the pastel-coloured bottles feature imagery of hot air balloons and whimsical gardens, ideal for young children.

‘The pastel-coloured bottle of Bonne Étoile is adorned with an imaginary and fantastical garden of Granville, featuring a menagerie and colourful hot air balloons, a Toile de Jouy pattern specially created for the occasion’, the website reads.

It continued: ‘More than a scented water, it is an object imbued with reverie that can be personalised with the coloured ribbon of your choice to accompany your child like their lucky star.’

The fragrance is said to be formulated without alcohol and with predominantly natural-origin ingredients.

The scented water (pictured) is created by French parfumier Francis Kurkdijan, the creator of fan-favourite Baccarat Rouge 540

The fashion house has also launched a baby cleanser (pictured) for the face and body, which will set parents back £80

‘It is a childhood memory that comes to life in soft notes of pear, wild rose, and white musk’s,’ according to Dior Baby.

And if the premium perfume doesn’t scream luxury enough, the fashion house has also added the opportunity for consumers to personalise the bottle with a coloured ribbon of any shade.

It comes after the much-anticipated Christmas gift guide on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website was released – and expensive skincare for children also featured.

Published last month, the Goop Kid’s gift guide included a £100 Barbra Sturm ‘Baby & Kids Body Set’, designed especially for children with sensitive skin.

But perhaps it was the ‘Ridiculous But Awesome’ gift guide that was most extravagant.

There are ten Goop present ideas lists to choose from, ensuring the discerning giftee in your life – including kids, cooks, lovers and travellers – are catered for, but there’s always one Gwynnie list that annually steals the yuletide shopping limelight. 

At £95 the daily moisturising milk (pictured) is said to ‘intensely hydrate’ and ‘visibly reduce redness’ 

And this year’s ‘Ridiculous But Awesome’ list on the Hollywood star’s lifestyle website doesn’t disappoint – it’s stacked with 25 items you didn’t know you needed, and almost certainly can’t afford. 

There’s a $2,000 Planar Studio Gong and Stand, which ‘rings with a clear, deep tone like heavy thunder.’ And a $15,000 Inez Gold G-Spot Vibrator that promises 24-carats and ‘an impressively powerful, rumbly motor’.

While cheese lovers may be tempted to sample Goop’s ‘Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Aged 24 Months’, they’ll likely be deterred by the $396 price tag – sourced though it is from ‘Valserena Soladibruna, the oldest dairy in Parma.’

Those on a budget should head to the ‘The Under $100 Gift Guide’, which features gifts no less outlandish but at the more affordable end of the spectrum. 

Alongside a Handblown Italian Glass Ornament – or, bauble – for $55, there’s a SmartRope – a skipping rope that tracks your jump count – for $79.95. 

Unfortunately, a budget of $18 won’t get you much beyond a few sheets of Suzani Botanical wrapping paper while Goop’s Secret Tea Story Set – 27 teabags in a range of flavours – will set you back $75. 

Those looking to splash out for a sporty friend or family member may be tempted by a solid-wood home gym by Gwyneth’s personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, priced at $2,629. 

Or, if that seems a little extravagant, how about a leather tennis racquet cover in navy blue for $805?

Beyond the ‘wellness’ list, the Shakespeare in Love actress has also curated a ‘Lover’s Gift Guide’ featuring a range of presents with the potential to spice things up in the bedroom. 

The $119 Wave Showerhead, which  ‘doubles as a clitoral stimulator,’ is listed alongside the $165.00 Vesper 2 Vibrator, a necklace that ‘has a secret: It’s a vibrator, too’.   

Also on offer for the 2023 festive season is ‘a bouncy, squishable sex pillow’. Available in two colours, it will set you back $195. 

For those who really want to delight this Christmas, ‘The Forward-to-Your-SO Gift Guide’ won’t disappoint. 

A $7,950 Chanel tweed bag that ‘strikes the perfect balance between playful and ladylike’ is included alongside the Rolex Lady-Datejust 26mm Model 179168, priced at $13,995.

And let’s not forget the kids. The ‘cute and comfortable’ Zeitgeist Baby Carrier is available for $420.00 while slightly older children have the chance to stand out with a Rattan Mushroom Luggy priced at $120. 

If that’s not going to cut it for your little one, Gwyneth has many more suggestions up her sleeve, the most striking of which is an ice cream charm necklace.

But, priced at $811.00, there might be more children than parents screaming for ice cream this winter. 

It’s that time of year again! Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Ridiculous But Awesome’ 2023 gift guide 

  • Portraits of Nature Butterfly Fancy Yellow Earrings – price on request
  • Poppies and Crane Backgammon Set, $14,580
  • Large Pavé Oera Bracelet, $29,400
  • Island Rental in Fiji Turtle Island, from $39,500 a night (minimum 3 nights)
  • Inez 24k Gold G-Spot Vibrator, $15,000
  • Antique Escargot Picks Chez Pluie, $567 
  • Zaha One-Diamond Ring​ goop, $19,800
  • Hand-Painted Tulip Vase Pyramid, $16,752
  • 7-Day Airship Cruise to the North Pole, price upon request 
  • Chrona Mini Link Necklace, $21,200
  • Planar Studio Gong and Stand, $2,000
  • Gong Exploration Workshop, $200 
  • Street 53-Piece Street Bar Cart by Jan Johansson Orrefors, $10,000
  • Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Aged 24 Months, $396 
  • Custom Cabin DEN, from $200,000 to $1,000,000
  • Basquiat Black Crown Ascent 95P Skis, $2,250 
  • Executive Producer Experience at Flóki Studios, Deplar Farm Eleven, price upon request
  • Roller Skates Chanel, $5,125
  • Large Footed Swirl Platter Masa Designs, $850
  • Customized Modpool Modpools, from $28,500
  • Roving Safari Bushtops, from $30,200 a day
  • Keith Haring Radiant Heart LED Neon Sign The Shop at The Broad, $1,099
  • Cavaletti Doghouse Hermès, $1,925
  • Residence 4 at The Well Bay Harbor Islands, from $4,450,000
  • Magic Show Tickets Asi Wind’s Inner Circle, from $120
  • Zero-G Experience Zero-G, from $9,070

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