Expert shares best time to do Christmas food shop to bag bargains

One of the biggest stresses on the run up to Christmas is when to do the festive food shop.

With lots to buy and, perhaps many to cook for, there's always plenty to get in. In fact, the shopping list can seem never-ending at times.

To help relieve the stress a little, Brits have been advised on the best dates and times to do their Christmas food shop to avoid a last-minute fight for festive favourites.

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The frugal experts at also revealed the times of the day when supermarkets are likely to reduce products to bargain prices. They’ve also researched the times when products are likely to be reduced, or even offered for free, so they can be frozen and used later in the month.

Ashleigh Tosh, frugal expert at Muscle Food, said: "The Christmas food shop – we all dread it, but we have to do it. No matter what, it’s always going to be busier than usual as Brits get in a panic, and think they need to stuff their fridge and cupboards to the brim to prepare for Christmas.

“There’s always the option to shop online and get better deals while festive promotions are available and without the hassle of dealing with busy shoppers. However, we know some people like to visit stores in hopes of last-minute price reductions."

The evening of Christmas Eve

The idea of going shopping on Christmas Eve usually sounds like a nightmare, but the evening may be the best time for bargain hunters. Most of the major retailers close on Christmas Day, meaning there’ll be a huge amount of items going out of date.

Many of them will likely be reduced in the evening as they’ll otherwise be wasted. Some will reduce the prices of veggies like carrots to pennies and even for free.

Sundays throughout December – late afternoon

The bakery section at most supermarkets tends to drastically reduce the price of goods as they’ll otherwise be thrown away. Bread, pastries and even cakes can be reduced to as low as 10p.

It’s worth stocking up and storing them in the freezer to use later for a Christmas feast.

Opening hours

If you’re unable to spare an evening to do the food shop, opening hours are the best shot at getting the best stock available. The products will be freshly replenished for early shoppers to purchase, so make the most before they all go.

Thursday (21) and Friday (22) in the evening

For those wanting a quieter shop, the days before Christmas weekend are the best dates to get the goods in. While it’s likely not all the items will be available on shelves, it’ll be a much more pleasant experience than the day after (December 23), which will be a busy Saturday.

The Monday before Christmas

A week in advance means there is plenty of time to get the goods in without having to deal with last-minute panicked shoppers. There will still be the main parts of the dinner such as the Turkey available, so make sure to get it before it goes out of stock and pop it in the freezer.

Book delivery slots as early as possible

There’s still a chance to pre-order grocery deliveries to arrive in time for Christmas. Don’t think it has to be solely on December 23 or Christmas Eve, as the items can be simply frozen and defrosted for the big day.

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