I used to be paramedic – now I earn annual salary in one week from racy pics

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    A mum-of-five revealed how she ditched her healthcare job to sell sexy snaps instead.

    Kat Greenway fancied a change after falling in a dark place when he dad passed away last year. She joked about selling racy snaps then finally took the plunge.

    After realising just how much money she could earn in a week, Kat quit her job as a paramedic as the income wasn't enough. She also struggled with the tiring hours.

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    Now speaking exclusively with Daily Star, the model, from the US, spilled the beans on her decision on making a racy adults-only account.

    Speaking about her OnlyFans, where she has the handle Basic Southern Babe, Kat said: "I was in a dark place after my dad's death and I floundering and joking about making an account.

    "I thought about it and decided I would just see what it was all about. It ended up directing my focus and boosting my self-confidence like I have never had before.

    "Then I decided to stop being a paramedic simply because of the income I started making on OnlyFans. I loved my job. I was certainly my passion but it is difficult.

    "Time away from family. Holidays away from family. And then to barely make ends meet while saving peoples' lives and taking time away from my family was enough."

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    Now Kat never has to miss anything with her family and she's able to "give them things I never dreamed of". The mum is certainly raking it in too.

    She pockets around $40,000 (£31,000) a week, which is pretty much her annual salary as a paramedic. And when it comes to attention, Kat receives all kinds of love from fans.

    The model continued: "Overall it's very positive attention. You will always get an outlier here and there but there are 10,000 people that pay to talk to me or see pictures of me which is amazing."

    Luckily for the bombshell, she doesn't have to deal with any disapproval from her family and friends.

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    She admitted: "Most of our family members don't know. But pretty much all of our friends do. The response has been incredible.

    "Everyone has been so supportive, I could have never dreamed that. Two of my very close friends have decided they wanted to get into OF now always."

    As for her kids, they're not all aware of her kinky job. Kat revealed: "The two youngest don't know. The others have an idea but it's sort of a don't ask don't tell topic in our house.

    "We made a point to shield them as much as possible. It's not like you will walk around our house and there are lights and filming equipment everywhere."

    When asked whether her husband would ever join, Kat revealed how the couple have discussed it before. She concluded: "However he enjoys his career very much and has worked very hard the past 20 years to progress in it.

    "I wish he would do this with me full time but at this point, the answer is no. But you never know what the future holds for us."

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