Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Tuesday, December 12


Some thoughts are best kept to yourself. If you’ve already been keeping your grumbles about a work or family matter to yourself since the month began, what, if anything, might be gained from stirring things up now? Unless the issue is extremely important, let sleeping dogs lie.


A friend or relative will want to discuss ideas they have for earning cash. You have skills they are hoping you will share. There is profit to be made from creating and selling beautiful works of art. It doesn’t matter if you have had no previous experience, if you like the idea, run with it.


Your mood is brittle and you will feel so tense at times that you think you might snap. The pressure you are under won’t last for more than a day. In hindsight, you might put it down to your attempts to get everything perfect.


Everything suddenly feels like it’s an uphill struggle. You can’t seem to get going properly. Have patience with yourself and try to ride the frustrations and upsets as these will vanish as quickly as they appeared. The way ahead will then become a smooth and easy pathway.


A promotion will be offered in recognition of your hard work of the past. Colleagues and superiors are supportive. As well as the sense of accomplishment you get from career activities, your dedicated efforts have made a good impression on those who matter.


Emotions rise close to the surface when you are dealing with difficult neighbours or relatives. Trying to keep others happy without losing your temper is draining your energy. Don’t feel guilty about walking away. Turn your attention instead to people who make you feel valued.


You’re grateful for the way a friend or colleague comes to your rescue when they see you being unfairly treated. Don’t hesitate to thank them. Are you single? A business relationship could turn romantic even though you are determined not to become overly reliant on any one person.


An unexpected invoice will cause a few moments of panic. You had thought someone else was going to foot this particular bill and might wonder why it has been sent to you. There could be a simple explanation so don’t react until you give others a chance to talk.


Problems can be resolved and mistakes rectified but you will need to be in a different frame of mind before you can see where you are going wrong. If anything causes frustration, leave it for another day and you will soon see the difference a fresh approach can make.

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Keep professional plans and ideas to yourself to avoid unwanted and unnecessary harassment. Your boss may not support your suggestions or you could find yourself on the receiving end of some unfair criticism. Remain calm and refuse to let anyone intimidate you.


The prospect of meeting people and making new friends will come through taking on a challenging task. Be open to new experiences. A progressive person like you has a talent for attracting people from all walks of life. Whatever your aims, you will cross paths with someone who is keen to help you.


friend who said they would be there when you needed them will fall back on their promise. You might wish you hadn’t been so trusting and you need to be more selective in the future about who you confide in. If your work is growing monotonous, get involved with a charity organisation.

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