How common are you? Quiz reveals habits marking you out as lower class

How common are you? Take the quiz to reveal the habits making you look lower class (and even the royals are guilty of a few!)

  • Socialite Nicky Haslam has printed his annual ‘common’ list on a £40 tea towel 
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Is ordering a skinny latte part of your daily routine? Or maybe you love tuning into a good podcast while you go about your errands.

Well according to socialite Nicky Haslam, these are just two things that mark you out to others as distinctly ‘common’ in 2023.

This week, the Eton-educated interior designer – who is friends with Queen Camilla –  released his fifth ‘Common List’ tea towel, consisting of 37 playfully snobbish things he sees as lower class.

Despite his connection to the Royal Family, the 84-year-old didn’t spare the Prince and Princess of Wales on this occasion – and took issue with their coordinated navy blue outfits this past Easter.

But for everyday people, the well-connected socialite believes they should avoid watching The Repair Shop, taking part in Zoom calls, viewing the Northern Lights or ordering lobster if they want to be seen as upper-class. 

Pictured: Nicky Haslam, 84, poses with his fifth ‘Common List’ tea towel, which he sells for £40 on his website

So just how ‘common’ are YOU by Nicky’s standards? Take the quiz below to find out… 

Nicky Haslam’s ‘Common’ Quiz: 

1. Have you ever used the word ‘more-ish?’

2. Have you ever travelled to the Northern Lights?  

3. Do you listen to or record your own podcast? 

4. Do you use the phrase ‘110%’ in everyday life?

5. Is a punnet of strawberries currently in your fridge?

6. Do you follow Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette on Instagram?

7. Have you posted about your grief online?

8. Have you ever visited Puglia in Italy?   

9. Do you bake brownies?

10. Do you listen to Petroc Trelawny on BBC Radio 3? 

11. Have you ever ordered anything containing Aperol? 

12. Are you a fan of Grayson Perry or his wife?

13. Have you ever written an invitation with metallic pen?

14. Do you own a collarless shirt?

15. Do you regularly eat Italian food?

16. Do you boast about your adult children’s achievements?

17.  Have you ever participated in a Zoom meeting?

18. Do you believe in aliens?

19. Are you a fan of The Repair Shop?

20. Do you pride yourself in being a music fan?

21. Have you ever incorporated a ‘pop of colour’ into your wardrobe or home?

22. Do you actively look forward to fly-pasts?

23. Do you regularly order lobster in restaurants?

24. Do you currently have a bucket list?

25. Do you follow Joe Wicks online or completed his workouts in lockdown?

26. Do you have Type II diabetes? 

27. Do you have a jumpsuit hanging in your wardrobe?

28. Have you ever visited an arboretum and/or posted about it online?  

29. Have you ever sold your business?

30. Have you ever sung the hymn Lord of the Dance in church?

31. Do you carry your house keys everywhere you go?

32. Is your coffee order a ‘skinny laartay’?

33. Do you own crystal coffee sugar?

34. Have you ever attended a music festival?

35. Have you or do you currently own a remote-controlled lawnmower?

36. Have you ever been to Wimbledon tennis tournament?

The interior designer and Eton-educated socialite included the Wimbledon tennis tournament on his list. Pictured: the Prince and Princess of Wales with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the Royal Box this summer

Pictured: Actress and model Kate Upton is one of the celebrities who have posted a photo of themselves drinking an Aperol Spritz in recent years

Pictured: the late designer Karl Lagerfeld with his cat Choupette, who still has their own Instagram account

Socialite Nicky Haslam included BBC’s hugely successful series ‘The Repair Shop’ in his most recent ‘Common List’

The socialite also took issue with people saying ‘110%’ – which often appears in conversations in the reality series Love Island

The interior designer is also not a fan of the artist Sir Grayson Perry or his wife of 31 years Philippa

Despite his connection to the Royal Family , the 84-year-old didn’t spare the Prince and Princess of Wales on this occasion – and took issue with their co-ordinated navy blue outfits this past Easter

Nicky Haslam (L) and Queen Camilla, then the Duchess of Cornwall, attend Fortnum & Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon for the launch of Tom Parker Bowles’ book Let’s Eat Meat on October 21, 2014 in London

Speaking to the Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden, Nicky said he finds it ‘odd’ seeing the whole Wales family dressed in blue.

‘It’s supposed to suggest a calm upper-classness, which is so dull. If you look at pictures from the old days, the royals had wonderful exotic clothes. But now they look like dummies in Peter Jones’s window.’

He adds of William and Catherine: ‘They do childish things, like play football and games. They couldn’t be less sophisticated. They don’t go to literary lunches and read extraordinary books or go to the theatre.’

Haslam, whose clients have included Sir Mick Jagger and Sir Rod Stewart, also condemns Wimbledon, saying: ‘The people who go to it, the whole atmosphere, is now common, there is no glamour whatsoever. It’s no longer elite.’ 

Despite claiming to be a gatekeeper of all things high-class, Nicky Haslam raved about one very affordable high street store in an interview with the Daily Mail’s Jan Moir.

‘You have to stay modern and not limit yourself,’ he says. ‘Now I adore Primark. Three perfect T-shirts in a pack for £9 — and they last for years.’ 

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