Watch as Jamie Carragher struggles to pronounce Olivier Giroud's name

Jamie Carragher is left red-faced as he hilariously struggles to pronounce Olivier Giroud’s name during CBS interview with the AC Milan striker

  • Carragher struggled with saying the Frenchman’s name after his team’s win 
  • Giroud scored the game-winning goal in a 2-1 victory for Milan over PSG
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On Tuesday’s post-game coverage of the UEFA Champions League, the CBS Sports panel resorted to one of its oldest tricks: making fun of Jamie Carragher’s inability to pronounce things without his Scouse accent.

While the desk was interviewing AC Milan striker Olivier Giroud after his side’s 2-1 win over Paris St. Germain, host Kate Abdo asked the Frenchman if he was annoyed by Carragher’s struggles when it came to pronouncing his name correctly.

‘No, they’ve been calling me [oh-liv-e-air jeer-ood] nine years in the Premier League like that,’ Giroud told the desk.

When asked by Carragher to give him an ‘education’ on how to pronounce it, the striker responded with the French way to say his name.

Abdo, who speaks French, said it back near perfectly as Micah Richards pronounced it ‘a bit too much on the “R”‘ by Giroud’s assessment.

CBS Sports’ Jamie Carragher had a particularly hard time pronouncing Olivier Giroud’s name

Giroud was asked if he was annoyed by Carragher’s inability to properly pronounce his name

Micah Richards used pages of notes to cover up his face in embarrassment of his co-host 

Kate Abdo, who pronounced Giroud’s name perfectly, laughed while covering up her face

Then it was Carragher’s turn. After an awkward pause where the former Liverpool defender asked if he really had to say it, he called the striker ‘Olivia’.

Carragher’s first attempt to pronounce the French forward’s name sounded like he used an “L” in Giroud’s last name. 

‘Not jee-lou, it’s jee-rhou,’ the Milan man said. To Carragher, that sounded like a ‘W’ sound, leading to more confusion when he said ‘jee-woo’.

The desk couldn’t control themselves any longer – with Abdo and Richards covering their faces. 

Giroud scored in the 50th minute of the match to give Milan the advantage over PSG – a crucial three points as they sit third in Group F.

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