I fell for delivery driver – three months later I was pregnant with his child

A woman didn't expect to meet her Prince Charming when a delivery driver came knocking on her door.

Tanatsa Lucas, 30, was just waiting for her cutlery order when Corey Lucas showed up with her parcel. The 29-year-old called to say he was outside with Tanatsa's package on June 19, 2020.

She was so struck by her first impression of him that she decided to make a move – asking if he was single in a text message. And luckily Curey was up for a date.

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The pair, from Darwin, Australia, met that evening for a drink before hitting it off and becoming a couple. Then three months later, they fell pregnant with their boy Archie born in June 2021.

Tanatsa said: "I was doing my nails at the time, and my delivery driver called. He was speaking really nicely on the phone and was very respectful.

"I asked him if he would mind dropping the package outside my apartment, as I was going to be going out soon. Something inside me was telling me to shoot my shot and ask him out. I did and I'm so pleased."

Corey, who now works as a driver for suicide prevention charity Lifeline, from Melbourne, Australia, added: "I'm so glad it's all worked out, we're very happily married now and going better than ever, our love is growing stronger every day."

After their phone call, Tanatsa, who is originally from Zimbabwe, felt a sudden urge to ask Corey on a date.

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She admitted: "I was newly single, I don't know what happened, but something just came over me and I just though I may as well ask – you never know.

"I could tell even being on the phone with him for less than a minute that there was just something different about him."

Tanatsa then decided to message Corey only one hour after he had dropped off her package, simply saying: "You single by any chance? Haha."

Corey replied saying he was single, and they should go for a drink – that evening. The pair just went for a beer at a bar opposite Tanatsa's apartment.

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Three months after meeting, Tanatsa fell pregnant. While she was worried about his reaction, after sharing the news Corey popped the question.

The couple tied the knot on December 19, 2020, at the Hilton hotel in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Tanatsa said: "We just totally clicked from our first meeting. The way we got married was very quick, lots of people told me not to do it, but I wouldn't have changed how it all happened for the world.

"I met his dad only a week after we first met, he cooked dinner for me and Corey, it was so nice. His family was very welcoming to me."

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The couple now live in Brisbane, Australia, and went on to have another child, Theodore, born in August 2023, and are still head-over-heels.

Tanatsa concluded: "We grew to love each other even more after our second baby. We still had our challenges, I had post-natal depression after our first baby, but we developed an understanding and are doing great.

"The only difference is before we had kids it was all about us, we now have to balance it out. We are really hands on with the kids together, it's really nice.

"I still can't believe it happened – he saved my life all over again."

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