Christine Lampard reacts as Coleen says shed love to share bed with Frank

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    Loose Women panelist Coleen Nolan had the show's ITV show's studio in stitches during Monday's installment after making an hilarious bedroom confession about one of her co-star's husbands.

    Following a discussion about Linda Robson's weekend away on tour with Dame Kelly Holmes – both of whom were also on the panel – the ladies' chat turned to who they would be comfortable rooming with. Focus quickly turned to Nolan Sisters star Coleen, meanwhile, who had no qualms in declaring that she would "love to share a bed" with Christine Lampard's former footballer husband, Frank.

    It came after Christine revealed Linda and Kelly had "a bit of sleepover" following a "big night" in Plymouth. "Two national treasures, one bed," joked Christine, 44. "Tell us about the night." Linda explained that it was Kelly's first night on the Loose Women tour and by the time the pair had got back to their hotel at around 11pm they were told there was no food available other than pizza and sandwiches.

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    Linda explained about their night together: "I rang down to room service and said 'Is it possible to get a cheese and pickle sandwich?'. They said 'Well there's no pickle and there's no butter'."

    Dame Kelly interjected, adding: "So I knocked on the [Linda's] door because I couldn't sleep from the hype of the show and Linda explained the situation and told me to call them back asking for one [a sandwich] with tomato and mayo."

    Linda continued: "They didn't have that either so we thought we'd leave it. Probably about 20 minutes later – because they knew Dame Kelly was in – they must have run to Tesco or somewhere – as the came back with this big platter of cheese and pickle sandwiches, and there we were watching Family Guy."

    Dame Kelly, 53, admitted she decided to remain in Linda's room for the rest of the night, meanwhile, quipping: "What goes on in Plymouth, stays in Plymouth!" It prompted her to ask Christine: "Would you share with somebody?"

    Mother-of-two Christine replied: "Well obviously one of my mates or my sister, but we were talking earlier about how would you feel about your partner sharing a bed with a friend." Coleen immediately jumped in excitedly: "Would you let Frank share my bed? We're just friends."

    Looking comically disgusted by the suggestion, Christine hit back: "One hundred per cent, no! It would be poor Frank I'd be worried for. I mean, seriously!" Christine then dismissed the idea of Linda and Dame Kelly joining the former England star between the sheets too, adding: "I'm not happy with anything – stay away from the bed! End of conversation."

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    In a bid to turn attention away from Frank, 45, Christine asked Coleen if she'd be happy about someone sharing a bed with her own partner. But Coleen appeared to get the wrong end of the stick, believing she was being asked again about Frank.

    "Share a bed with Frank? I'd love it. Are you mad? What a stupid question," she said, as Christine fell back in her chair in fits of laughter.

    Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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