Im the eyebrow girl in Cadburys ad – but also starred in horrible TV show

Georgia Wake recently went viral across the globe after she revealed she's the 'dancing' eyebrow girl from the iconic Cadbury's advert.

After the 20-something shared her identity on social media and admitted the 2009 advert wasn't all as it seemed, the child star has updated fans about her other work.

And it looks like Georgia featured in more than one iconic moment in the noughties. It turns out the brunette appeared in a rather 'horrible' kids' TV show that has a very nostalgic place in many of the nation's hearts.

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In a recent TikTok clip, Georgia explained she featured in popular CBBC show 'Horrible Histories'. She said: "I've had a few comments asking what else I've been in and asking about Horrible Histories specifically."

Georgia then shared a photo of herself on the set of the dark humoured kids' show. "There's me on set in the wife swap episode. I remember this one really well, it was so fun.

"I just remember Horrible Histories in general being so fun to film. Everyday you were a different character and hair and makeup was always so fun." Georgia then shared another picture in the video where she wore dark clothing and appeared to have dirt on her face.

She explained: "I was often the poor kid – I don't know why. But, it was so fun to film."

Gobsmacked at Georgia's Horrible Histories confession, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts. "Omg I watched horrible history loads of time and never knew it was you," one fan gasped.

Another user added: "I can’t believe that’s actually you." While a third declared: "I knew I wasn't imagining things, love that show."

Someone else wrote: "I knew you looked familiar."

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