Parents flirt with me on the school run – I have to hold my fiancée back

A couple revealed that one of them is the target of flirting on the school run – and the other does not hold back.

Anna and Kerry Simpson, from Nottinghamshire, have been together since they met dropping their kids off at school back in 2018. They then got engaged that summer and combined their families together.

The pair have documented their relationship and family life with their four kids on TikTok where they've racked up an impressive 800,000 followers. And in a recent post, they shared some of the struggles they receive when taking the children – who are between the ages of 10-16 – to school.

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Despite having met at the school gates themselves, it seems that other parents have their eyes on 38-year-old Shirley Carter lookalike Kerry too. And 31-year-old Anna is not too happy about it.

In a TikTok clip that racked up thousands of views, Kerry can be seen talking to someone off screen. Not before long, Anna stormed into the shot where she pointed to someone not in view of the camera. "You're the one who started this," Anna lip synced to a song as Kerry held her back.

"When we're on the school run and someone flirts with my beautiful fiancée," Anna wrote across the video.

Many fans fled to the comments to compliment the couple. "Cuteness overdose," one fan wrote. Another user added: "Me looking for someone who will flirt."

While a third voiced: "This is so sweet I love it how you two share so much love."

Someone else declared: "They look so happy." Meanwhile, a fifth praised: "So cute."

However, not everyone was so kind to Anna and Kerry. Some trolls took to the comments to poke fun at the pair and their relationship, as one jibed: "Who’s flirting?"

But, the online haters do not bother the mums as they previously spoke to us about the reaction they receive on TikTok. Anna is often named the 'short one' and Kerry is branded the 'long one'.

Despite their nicknames being slurs at the start, they decided to own their monikers where they now happily refer to each other with their height. They even got matching tattoos of their titles!

“We chose it because no one believed we would get it so we did and we thought it was hilarious," the couple exclusively told Daily Star when talking about the ink.

"We have got the long one and the short one tattoos because that’s what everyone calls us.

“It means what it says – Kerry is 6ft so super long and Anna is 5ft 4 so really small.

“It doesn’t bother us, we find it hilarious."

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