Jason Bateman Had 'Full Meltdown' Trying to Record Podcast with Matthew McConaughey

"Let me tell you what I've heard here over the last 30 minutes," said McConaughey, who then gave his own rendition of the chaos.

The hosts of Smartless are recounting the time Jason Bateman had a “full meltdown” in front of surprise guest Matthew McConaughey.

On Monday’s episode of the podcast, cohost Will Arnett recounted the time that they tried to bring McConaughey onto the show, but Bateman’s technical difficulties led him to getting frustrated and leaving the recording.

Smartless, which revolves around one of the hosts bringing in a mystery guest each week, had McConaughey again on Monday. When they began the episode with an audio clip of his meltdown, Bateman got embarrassed.

“Oh no,” said the actor. “Please don’t have playback.”

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“I don’t see it here in the sound thing so let’s just cancel. Let’s reschedule this thing. I’m in a total f—ing tailspin,” said Bateman in the clip, after another person explained that Bateman was having technical difficulties.

To make matters worse, McConaughey started laughing at the whole ordeal.

And since Bateman didn’t know the celebrity guest, he assumed it was Arnett or Sean Hayes.

“Who the f–k is that? Great, that’s helpful,” he added in the playback.

“Let me tell you what I’ve heard here over the last 30 minutes,” said McConaughey, who then gave his own rendition of the chaos.

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“We’ve gotta reboot here. His iPad got cloned, and then it got wiped right before the dog peed on it, so I gotta reboot one more time,” joked the actor.

“It’s not one of my prouder moments,” said Bateman in retrospect.

“The worst part is me hearing somebody laughing, thinking it’s Will or Sean, and going, ‘Who did that? That’s not helpful,'” he continued. “And then I slammed my laptop shut, took my ball, and went home like a bitch.”

“I was so angry. I think maybe you had told me it was a big guest, so don’t f–k around kind of thing. I just knew I was blowing it.”

“Listen, Matthew, the fact that you’ve come back after that absolute wipeout, I can’t thank you enough,” concluded Bateman.

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