Miss BumBum model flaunts curves in slinky bikini as she cools down with shower

It might be cooling down in the UK but our friends on the other side of the pond are enjoying sweltering weather. Miss BumBum beauty Larissa Sumpani has been living it up in Brazil.

The model recently took advantage of the hot sunny afternoon by cooling off with a shower on Barra da Tijuca beach in Rio de Janeiro. The 24-year-old recently moved to the beautiful city.

And right now the area is experiencing a mega heatwave with a "great danger" alert issued in the country. It is believed scorching temperatures will remain this week.

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The model knows the only way to cool down in times like this is by stripping off. And it's safe to say that many of her fans loved it.

She said: "Rio de Janeiro is a hot state and with the heatwave in the country it gets much worse. The only way to cool off is to take a super shower.

"The advantage of being on the beach and feeling the water from the shower falling on your head is definitely one of the eight wonders of the world."

Larissa boasts a massive following of 335,000 fans on Instagram where she flaunts her incredible body. She first hit headlines for taking the crown of the most beautiful butt in Brazil.

Recently she opened up about a bonkers trend where she tans her butt crack as a way to "boost her sex life".

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"Perineum Sunning" became known on TikTok as influencers claim sunbathing their private parts is good for vitamin D. But Larissa doesn't just think she's getting her daily dose of vitamin D, she also believes it's played a part in her sex life.

She said: "A good butt sunbath is great. Over time I realised that it increased my libido. I have much more pleasure for these moments and I know that I gained with the perineum sunning."

The model continued: "Everything in excess is bad; so it's good not to roast in the sun without protection. With care and attention, everything will work out.

"It's delicious during the process because you're in total contact with nature, and afterwards it's much better, right Who doesn't want a 'up' in their sex life?"

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