People are struggling to spot correctly spelled word in mind-bending brainteaser

Optical illusions could be quite a head-scratcher at times.

Sometimes they're good for boosting intelligence, while others can really test your patience. Now the latest one could only be solved if you've got a pair of eagle-eyes.

So if you've got what it takes, why not give it a go? You're being challenged to spot the correct spelling lurking somewhere in the image.

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The image shows "GARILC" in rows and columns as your task is to spot the correctly spelled word "GARLIC". So can you complete it with the added stress of a timer?

These kind of brainteasers are a fun way to assess your visual acuity and measure how adeptly you perceive the world. Some people might spot the answer immediately, while others could struggle.

Still finding it difficult? Just scroll down for the answer…

If you managed to find it quick though, it could mean promising things about your intelligence. It could also suggest you've got a high IQ score, although taking a proper test is advised.

To locate the correctly spelled word, start by scanning around the ninth row where you might just find the garlic. So are you looking for more optical illusions?

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Previously, the optical illusion had a hidden animal lurking somewhere and only certain people could spot it. You'd have to solve it within 10 seconds.

Meanwhile, only people with "high IQs" can spot all green baubles in a festive optical illusion. It's a great puzzle to try to mark Christmas creeping up around the corner.

And people with "eagle eyes" can spot the hidden food within six seconds in the optical illusion. The black and white image shows a cartoon of a bear, owl and cat.

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