Shoppers go wild for £10 M&S perfume smells just like designer £168 fragrance

Perfume lovers are buzzing on social media about a £10 M&S perfume that smells just like a designer fragrance worth £168.

The scent in question is Santal 33 by Le Labo, a unisex perfume with a strong, woody aroma.

This luxury perfume costs a hefty £168 for a 50ml bottle, or you can get a mini 15ml bottle for £66.

It's not a purchase most people would make without giving it some serious thought, but if you've always wanted to try it – or you're a regular buyer looking for a cheaper alternative – then M&S has got you covered. Shoppers say their Warmth Eau De Parfum smells exactly the same.

The perfume has been causing quite a stir on TikTok after one user posted a video comparing the two scents.

In the clip, user Chloe said: "Oh my God, it is the same. It's not even slightly different, it's the exact same as Le Labo Santal 33."

Her video has received over 46,000 likes, 300 comments and 10,000 shares, according to Wales Online. One commenter revealed: "Used to work at M&S and all the perfumes are made in the same factories as the luxury brands."

Even the official M&S TikTok account chimed in, simply replying: "We've got you."

Other TikTok users have also noted that some other M&S perfumes are similar to high-end fragrances, with Midnight Blossom being compared to YSL Black Opium and White Coconut being likened to The White Company's Seychelles.

One shopper shared their thoughts on the M&S website, saying: "Initially picked up the candle in store and couldn't believe how similar it smelled to an expensive Le Labo scent I have. Warm, comforting and woody."

They added: " The scent doesn't last very long but that's to be expected when it's 1/10 the price of the actual Le Labo perfume. Good for quick spritzes through the day though."

Another customer had a similar experience: "It's very authentic in terms of its actual scent, I was so excited when I bought it to smell it but, unfortunately, it gave way to disappointment because it barely lasted 10 minutes."

Meanwhile, over at Boots, there are some great deals on designer perfumes. With Christmas just around the corner, you can save up to 50% on luxury brands like Lancome, Gucci and Diesel.

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