Uncle Celebrated For Orchestrating Nephew Getting Brutally Beaten Up By Girl

"After she was done I laughed and told my nephew that maybe he should try cooking instead and leave these sports to girls," the man details, getting massive support online

A boxing coach has taken to the internet for advice after a decision he made ended up causing problems with his brother.

The tale, which was shared to an anonymous forum, sparked passionate conversation among Redditors who felt the situation presented a valuable lesson.

See how misogyny, a father’s pride, and teenage arrogance played into the family drama.

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AITA for embarrassing my nephew?

“English is not my first language,” the man explained at the top of his post. “I teach boxing and my best student is my daughter (16) she can easily kick anyone’s ass and she even once won against me (though in my defence I was sick that day lol).”

“Also my daughter is the typical girly girl. She is beautiful, she likes wearing dresses and her favorite color is pink and she is always wearing make up,” he went on to describe, giving background information. “This has made many people to underestimate her because for some reason people don’t think such a girly girl is capable of boxing. My daughter is also not one to brag so people don’t know how good she actually is.”

“I have a nephew (17) who started boxing about 6 months ago and a few days ago he and a few of his friends decided to come to my gym and I started teaching them,” OP recounted.

“Yesterday I saw them making fun of the girls in the gym and telling them things like ‘why don’t you try cooking or knitting instead’ those girls have recently started boxing so they weren’t exactly good at it,” the coach explained. “So I had an idea. I asked my nephew if he would like to have a match against my daughter or maybe he is afraid of losing to a girl. He said ok let’s do it.”

“My daughter kicked his ass so quickly. She usually holds back against the ones that are not as good as her but this time she didn’t,” he proudly recalled.

“After she was done I laughed and told my nephew that maybe he should try cooking instead and leave these sports to girls. He didn’t say anything and just left,” the man said in conclusion. “Later I received a call from my brother calling me an a–hole and telling me what I did was unfair and cruel to embarrass him like that.”

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Redditors Had Lots of Questions and OP Answered Them All … Until The Post Was Banned

The post was swiftly removed for violating Rule #5 of the AITA subreddit, with moderators explaining: “We do not allow posts which concern violence. This includes any mention of violence in any context.”

However, before the prompt banning of the post, OP was able to answer plenty of questions in the comments.

One reader noted, “NTA this is amazing, nephew is an AH and needs to learn some manners and not to judge a book by its cover. Bro should be mad at nephew for what he said (if he told him the truth) and be cool with you teaching him a lesson.”

“He is mad at my nephew he just thinks we didn’t handle the situation well,” OP explained. “He thinks I should have just made them apologize to the girls or my daughter should have held back a little.”

One Redditor said the coach was not necessarily wrong just “immature” as another disagreed, explaining, “Yes, because young men being sexist in a gym respond well to admonishment and discussion. Sometimes it takes being knocked on your ass. Immature? Sure. Effective? Definitely.”

Hopefully he learned a lesson, and he should be embarrassed but not [because he got] his a– handed to him by a girl, but because he was being a misogynistic a–hole.”

As OP admitted in reply: “Yeah but it felt good.”

When a concerned commenter asked: “Was nephew black and blue after that fight?”

OP said he was just “a little” worse for wear.

Yet another wanted more info, asking, “NTA But how hard exactly did your daughter go? I’m all for teaching a lesson and hurting his ego, but not if he was seriously injured afterwards.”

The boxing coach then elaborated, writing: “No he wasn’t seriously injured.” He also noted in another reply that one upside to it all was, “the girls he bullied will [be returning] to the gym.”

Others on the thread simply celebrated what they deemed was a good life lesson being taught through sport, with one writing: “Hopefully he learned a lesson, and he should be embarrassed but not getting his ass handed to him by a girl but because he was being a misogynistic a–hole.”

But one Redditor was less sure, writing, “Narrator’s voice: He did not learn his lesson. If he learned his lesson there would have been an apology phone call rather than a parent phone call.”

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