Parents give a house to their son but not their daughter

Mom sparks fiery debate after giving his son a HOUSE to improve his 750 credit score without telling his daughter whose credit is better

  • A mom made a secret agreement to transfer a house to her 25-year-old son 
  • Her daughter, 23, found out about the deal from her mother’s wife 
  • The home her son will get is currently being paid off 

A mom of two is asking Reddit users if she’s an a****** for giving a house to her son and not her daughter.

The woman, whose username is Strugglingmom54, revealed in a Reddit post that she made a deal with her 25-year-old son to transfer one of her houses to him, and ‘did not disclose this information’ to her 23-year-old daughter. 

‘My wife slipped up and told my daughter our deal. She instantly got angry and isn’t talking to me at the moment. She’s telling me that I am like my father,’ the mother wrote.

The house her son will get from her is one that is still getting paid off, and not what she calls their ‘main home.’ 

He currently collects rent from tenants who live in the house that is getting paid off and has been using it to pay off the mortgage.

A mother created a Reddit post on December 7 asking if she’s an a****** for giving her 25-year-old a house and not getting her 23-year-old daughter anything

The house she will be giving him is currently being paid off and her son collects money from tenants who currently live there

Her daughter is extremely angry at her mother about the deal and keeping it a secret and told her that her mother is ‘like her father’

The daughter has continued to voice her opinions regarding the deal made and that her brother will have ulterior motives if the deal goes through. 

‘She told me that my son will take that entire house and go for 50% of our main house,’ the mom wrote.

The mother continued, ‘She told us that we set her up for failure. The reason why I let my son pay the mortgage because It would help his credit score increase.’

She proceeded to call her daughter ‘selfish and money hungry’ with a credit score of over 800, while also revealing that her son has a respectable credit score of over 750.

The mom then wrote that her daughter referred to her as ‘the future’ and that she would receive 25 percent of assets because her brother would attempt to go for 50 percent.

‘She told me that i’m doing exactly what my father did by giving my brother his entire will,’ the mother added.

She made edits after she originally ended her explanation by wring that she’s ‘just helping her kids out’ and that it’s ‘a losing game’ with her daughter.

The mom confirmed in her edits that no plans had been made on who will inherit the main house and that her daughter makes $90,000 in a high-cost-of-living area while her son makes a six-figure salary in a low-cost-of-living area. 

‘I find it more bothersome that she’s thinking about us dying and is already trying to calculate what she’s going to get,’ she wrote 

‘Her brother is a very nice guy. I’m sure he would split everything evenly with her.’

The mother confirmed that her son makes a six figure salary in a low-cost-of-living area. Her daughter currently has a $90,000 salary in a high-cost-of-living area with an 800+ credit score

Nearly 900 Reddit users commented on the post in 12 hours, and seemingly all of them believe that the mother is ‘most certainly the a******.’

One user even called the mother a misogynist and sexist.

‘Yes YTA [you’re the a******], of course you’re the a******. Why are you giving your son so much more? Why are you punishing your daughter for being financially responsible and maintaining a good credit score,’ another Reddit user asked.

‘Give your daughter as much as you give your son because she’s done nothing wrong and he’s done nothing to deserve preferential treatment,’ they added. 

One person wrote: ‘Lol, of course YTA. Consider treating your children equally perhaps.’

‘How is your daughter money hungry but your son is not? Oh maybe because you gave him an entire house.’

Other users have taken a more angry approach at making the mother aware that they believe she is the a****** in this situation.

‘How f****** deluded do you have to be to say “I’m helping my kids out” while actively doing nothing to help your daughter? YTA,’ a Reddit user stated. 

The daughter insists that her brother has ulterior motives with the house he will receive and will go after 50 percent assets after their parents pass away

More than 900 commenters on social media have called the woman an a****** for what she’s doing and making her son the favorite child

The living situations for the brother and sister do make a bit of a difference based on the cost of taxes and owning or renting homes.

According to CNBC, the cost of living is based on six categories: housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous goods or services.

The mother did not specify what cities or states her children live in, but her daughter, who lives in a high-cost of living area, could possibly live in Massachusetts, New York, or California. 

Her son, who she said makes an income in a low-cost of living area, could possibly be living in upstate New York.

Other states the mom’s son could possibly live in based on this year’s most affordable places to live include Tennessee, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania.

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