Who is Strictly judge Motsi Mabuse's husband, Evgenij Voznyuk?

Who is Strictly Come Dancing judge Motsi Mabuse’s husband, Evgenij Voznyuk? Meet the Ukrainian dancer who likes a ‘private’ life

  • Motsi and Evgenij live in Frankfurt, Germany with their young daughter
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Motsi Mabuse is one of the most well-known dancers and judges in the world. She is often in the spotlight, whether that’s on your television screen or on the red carpet.

But when she’s not strutting her stuff on-stage or ranking stars who are at the start of their journey, she’s at home with her husband, Evgenij Voznyuk and their daughter, whose name has never publicly been revealed. 

Also a professional dancer, Ukrainian Evgenij and Motsi are tied together in more ways than one, as he is the co-owner and manager of the Motsi Mabuse Dance school located in Kelkheim, Germany. The family live in Frankfurt, Germany. 

The dancer-duo have worked hard to make their dreams come true, opening an academy where they teach everyone – from newcomers to professionals. 

As it’s her name on the front, it’s no secret that Evgenij takes a backseat approach as co-owner. He barely shows their marriage or private life online – leaving many to question, who is Evgenij Voznyuk?

Motsi Mabuse’s is often the one in the spotlight whereas it seems Evgenij Voznyuk prefers a more ‘private’ life


It is believed that Evgenij and Motsi first met in 2013, where they were dance partners and won the German Latin dance contest.

At the time, Motsi was with her first husband, Timo Kulczak, who she had been been married to since 2003. 

The former Ballroom and Latin dancer married Kulczak when she was just 22 years old. 

A year after she and Evgenij won the show, Kulczak and Mabuse divorced, and by 2015 Motsi revealed she was in a relationship with Evgenij. The couple married in June 2017.

At the time she spoke to The Sun and said that she wanted to be with her dance partner and told to the outlet: ‘Three years later whoosh! And then I was married’.

She said: ‘We stopped and it was then that we realised that we wanted to do more than just dance together.’   

Motsi described Evgenij as her ‘best friend’ and revealed they have a ‘deep honesty’.

The judge even admitted that could understand how the ‘Strictly curse’ can happen  after she fell in love with her husband. 

By 2015 Motsi revealed she was in a relationship with Evgenij. The couple married in June 2017. Pictured: The couple dancing on the show ‘Let’s Dance’ in 2014 in Cologne, Germany


The loved-up pair first tied the knot six years ago.

But in February of this year, they decided to renew their vows, on a beach in the Maldives. 

The pair enjoyed an intimate ceremony, and shared a bunch of holiday snaps, one of which showed them gazing into each other’s eyes. 

The picturesque wedding snaps show the couple smiling at sunset on the beach, and cutting into a white cake together, which had colourful butterflies on it.

The pair were barefoot on the sandy coast, with Motsi in an elegant white dress and Evgenij in a grey tux with a bow tie. 

Evgenij took to his Instagram to share a picture from their special day and wrote: ‘We did it again!!! There has been a lot of things over these past years and I am grateful for everything that happened.

‘Which is why we wanted to once again go through this just for the two of us. A meaningful ceremony and say YES to each other again!!!

‘Thanks to our little mouse that you are with us and shared this event with us!!!

‘Our family for their support!!! And all rejoicing for us for your sincere congratulations. We were very happy…’ 

It is thought the ‘little mouse’ refers to their daughter, as she accompanied them on the trip. 

He also shared a video of the family touring the island on a boat. 

Motsi and Evgenij beamed with happiness alongside her dapper beau, who was dressed in a light grey tux, complete with a bow tie, white shirt and button hole

Happy: Taking to Instagram, Motsi uploaded an array of loved-up snaps from the ceremony, which featured rose petals scattered on the sand and a wedding cake adorned with butterflies


Motsi and Evgenji own a dance academy in Kelkheim, Germany where they teach a range of people how to dance from both newcomers to experts.

The pair spent four years planning their business and in March 2018, their dreams came true. 

They opened the Motsi Mabus – The Taunus Dance School, which offers more than 75 courses a week. 

On their website it says: ‘Two active professional dancers and a common dream: create something unique in Germany in this form: convey the fun of dancing and at the same time focus on the performance area around the topic of dancing.’

Motsi is listed as the ‘all-round boss and Let’s Dance juror,’ Evgenji is stated as ‘The head of the team and Head of Academy’. 

At the start of September, Evgenji posted that the company celebrated its sixth birthday. 

He wrote: ‘It’s unique, it’s passion, it’s our baby. We have not just grown as a dance school, we have grown as a dance family, grown as a community.’ 


Last year Motsi gave an insight into what her family were facing because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking on This Morning she said Evgenij’s parents made it safely out of their country to Germany, where she thinks they will remain ‘forever’.

Motsi previously voiced her fears for her in-laws after their hometown of Kharkiv was bombed.

Speaking on This Morning at the time, she discussed how Evgenij’s family have moved into their home following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Speaking on the ITV show to promote her appearance on The Great Celebrity Bake Off, Motsi was asked by host Holly Willoughby about her husband’s family after their next door neighbour’s house was bombed.

‘The house is gone, they live with us now, probably forever.’

‘It affects us all when you see those pictures, I think if you’re a human being and you see this happening to people, it affects you,’ she continued of watching the news of the invasion.

‘It affected my husband so much, I didn’t think it would affect me so much.’

Motsi revealed her husband had gone to the border at the time  to ‘pick up some people brought them back and I’m supporting dancers now.’

‘Within a day we were like, let’s do this. We’ve got social media and I’m like, if I gonna use my social media to get the people together, I raised awareness. I sold candles, everything was donated,’ she said.

 ‘It breaks my heart, I could literally cry because people are just like, ‘I will do anything,’ and we are in such a situation where we are watching from the outside and you are thinking, ‘How can I help everyone?” 

Motsi previously said she was in contact her Ukrainian mother and father-in-law, but that they spent a lot of time in the bunkers. 

The professional dancer shared a post of Evgenij’s mother on Instagram and wrote: ‘My mother last few days, they have spent most of their time in the basement! It is winter cold, no heating.

‘They tried to buy food but we’re not capable to get anything. We are in contact every few hours. They will sleep there tonight,’ she explained.

‘My mother-in law’: Motsi shared a selfie with her husband’s mother from happier times 

 An emotive Motsi also wrote: ‘Every night we sleep not knowing what the news will be the next day !!!!! 

‘But to receive a call at 05:00 hearing a mother cry filled with fear telling us she loves us is nothing I wish apon anyone.

‘Thank you to all who have taken time to write, I am trying to not make this about me, I am in conflict as to how much I will open my private life but I know many Ukrainian people and it’s personal. It’s family.’

Evgenij’s home town of Kharkiv was bombed again in August, after Russian forces blew up a blood bank. 

President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced the deadly strike on a blood transfusion centre in the Kharkiv region of northeast Ukraine as a ‘war crime’ as Moscow escalated its attacks in the war-torn country.

Motsi has also previously expressed the fear that she will never get to see or experience her husband’s hometown because of the invasion.

The professional dancer revealed on Twitter that they’d booked flights to visit Kharkiv back in 2020, but had to postpone it because of lockdown.

‘2021 we were still on lockdown! 2022 seems I will never see the town my husband was born. He wanted to show me his motherland! #Kharkiv.

‘Hopefully one day!! Another day filled with horror! Please let this stop,’ she wrote last March. 

 Motsi updated concerned fans on the welfare of her husband’s parents, who had revealed they were stranded in Ukraine (Her mother-in-law in a bunker)


Motsi’s sister Oti shared that she is pregnant with husband Marius in recent months.

Motsi took to Instagram to share a photo of her pregnant sister and wrote: ‘We are growing !! @otimabuse @mariusiepure we are so unbelievably Happy for you !! I am going to be an Auntie !!! More love , more Family !! Lots of love. @evgenij_voznyuk & @motsimabuse’ 

So how about Motsi and Evgenji? Are they looking to expand their family-of-three?

In 2019, Motsi spoke to German magazine Gala about her baby plans and whether she planned to introduce another little one into the world. 

She told the outlet: ‘I’m aware time is ticking if I want to have a bigger family. We would like another baby and next year we have to make a decision. I have found clarity in my head and heart from being a mum.’

Speaking of the planning process, she said: ‘My husband and I are going to sit down and look at our calendars about the year ahead.’

She confessed motherhood has changed her for the better, as she stated: ‘I have learned that it’s OK for me to say no to things.’

In 2019, Motsi spoke to German magazine Gala about her baby plans and whether she planned to introduce another little one into the world 

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