Woman reveals she ate alone on date – as man ate others' leftovers

My date ate leftovers from a stranger’s plate rather than pay for meal because he hates to see food wasted – people are telling me to dump him immediately

  • Anonymous woman, thought to be UK-based, was shocked her date ate old food
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A woman has asked if she should dump the man she’s been dating after he ate leftover food from other diners’ plates in a pub. 

The anonymous woman took to the British parenting forum Mumsnet to share her dilemma in a post, explaining that she’s been seeing the man for a few months. 

They went out for lunch but when he spotted leftover toast and sausages on a plate at the table next to them that hadn’t been cleared, he turned down her offer to buy him lunch and insisted on eating them because he hates to see food wasted.  

She asked if other forum users would be put off by this, admitting she found it unattractive – and the vast majority agreed.

However, some urged her not to rush into ending things if this is his only flaw.

An anonymous woman has revealed that she went out for lunch with a man she was dating, and he ate other people’s leftover food (stock image)

The anonymous woman revealed that the man she has been seeing for a while took leftover food from another diner’s plate when they went out for lunch

The post said: ‘We went out yesterday to a pub for something to eat, at lunchtime. When we got there, the table next to us hadn’t been cleared yet and there was quite a bit of food left on plates. 

‘I asked him what he wanted to eat for lunch, and he said he would just eat some leftover toast and sausages from the uncleared table. I thought he was joking and laughed. But he actually meant it. 

‘He took two pieces of left over, cold toast and some sausages and proceeded to eat them, with no plate. I said I would buy him lunch and he didn’t need to eat leftovers! He said he couldn’t stand wasted food. 

‘I ordered my own lunch and ate it, alone, as he had already gobbled up the leftovers from the people who had left.’

She then asked: ‘Would this put you off someone? Or should I more be accommodating?! In all honesty, it made me feel very uncomfortable and I found it very unattractive. How would this make you feel, can I ask?’

The poster concluded her post by saying that the man has never done this before, but has ‘alluded to wanting to do it when [they had] been to other places.’

She wrote: ‘I asked him yesterday if he was worried that someone’s saliva might be on the leftover food, but he said he couldn’t care less.’

The responses to the woman’s post were basically unanimous, with fellow forum users agreeing that the man’s behaviour was less than desirable.

Many respondents felt that the way the man had behaved was extremely unpleasant – saying it would put them off

One wrote: ‘Grim. Really grim.

A similar comment said: ‘I wouldn’t be able to undo the ick on this one.’

Another said: ‘Yes it would massively put me off. I can’t believe someone would do that, that’s disgusting.’

A further poster agreed, writing: ‘Completely revolting. I couldn’t get over this.’ 

And another said: ‘Oh gross! The rankness aside, a meal out is about the two of you sharing food and an experience together which he completely ruined. Not recognising that and making you eat alone is insult to injury.’   

Some respondents asked if there could be a reason for the behaviour.

Some respondents asked if there may be reasons for the man behaving the way he did, asking if it could be related to poverty

One forum user wrote: ‘Is there any relevant context, before you rush to dump him? Did he grow up in poverty or with money really tight?’

Another added: ‘I wouldn’t like this either but it makes me wonder ha she ever been really poor or homeless.’

And a third said: ‘I kinda sympathise with him because of hate leftovers.. I hate waste. When you see barely touched plates of food that are just going to be thrown away…

‘However I’ve never actually done this. On a hygiene level it’s a bit dubious.

‘I think it’s reasonable to be a bit put off by it. If he is a lovely guy and this is the only issue I might overlook it…’

Another added: ‘The pertinent question is why he can’t bear seeing food go to waste. Past experience of poverty? Ecological reasons?

‘For what it’s worth, I don’t find it all that gross but it’s a pretty unusual thing to do.’



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