Woman shares one question to ask on first date to see if man is ‘controlling’

Dating can be a mine field — it can be difficult to get a reliable impression of someone's true personality from the first date as anyone can pretend to be nice for a few hours.

However, one dating expert claims to have a way to see someone's true colours from the get go. Zamaria, 28, is known to frequently share her day-to-day routine with her more than 252,000 social media followers.

But the content creator, from California, for revealing one question you should ask on a first date that can help you spot controlling men. In the clip, which has gained more than a million views, she claims asking them about their stance on cats can be very telling.

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Zamaria claimed that it's a "red flag" if the man you're going out with had a "really strong disgusting reaction" to cats. In the clip, she explained: "Next time you go on a date, you have to ask the guy this question.

"I have a theory that if a man has a really strong reaction to this question, it's a sign that he doesn't like things that he can't control, which can be a red flag [and mean] he's a control freak and likes to control every single thing, and doesn't like things that are unpredictable. If a guy has a really strong, disgusting reaction towards cats and he's like, "Oh my God, cats are crazy, I can't stand them, and they're mean," you'll know.

"We've all talked to somebody who has a really negative reaction about cats for whatever reason and I swear this means that those people or like that person doesn't like things that are unpredictable and that they can't control." However, she noted that if he had a "neutral reaction" to the question, and said something like, "cats are okay", then he "passed the test."

Although, she argues that most men liked dogs because they were "easy to train", but hated cats because they were "a whole other story." The dating pro then asked followers in the caption: "Thoughts on this theory?! I want to know what you guys think!"

TikTok users rushed to the comments claiming that the expert's theory was spot on. One user said: "This is so true, I don't like cats or situations I can't control." Another added: "Woah! My ex always talked about how much he hated cats. He was also super controlling. This tracks."

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A third wrote: "Anybody who has a dislike towards cats aside from being allergic is a red flag." A fourth said: "My mom always told me she didn't trust people who don't like cats."

But not everyone agreed as others took to the comments claiming the theory was a "red flag" in itself. One viewer agured: "I think it ain’t that deep."

Another commented: "Nah, if he likes cats, that’s a red flag lol." A third wrote: "This theory in itself is a red flag, sorry lol."

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