Woman shares three items women dont want to open as gifts on Christmas day

When it comes to Christmas present ideas most websites will show you the same things – flowers, chocolates, bath sets – and many think these sections make gift giving much easier.

But they would be wrong as a woman recently left the internet divided after she shared a list of three gifts that 'no woman wants to open on Christmas day' – with everything from gift sets to jewellery. Kaitlyn, who posts online under the username @honestly.kaitlyn, she claimed there are some absolute no's when it comes to putting a present under her tree this December 25.

In the clip, which gained more than 36,000 likes, she began by sharing an image of a heart-shaped necklace as she lip-synced to a viral sound that said "nope". She then suggested that she'd rather be gifted a relaxing massage instead.

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Kaitlyn added she doesn't want to unwrap another bath and body lotion set this festive season either as she would much rather people spend their money on a "night away from everyone" for her. The mum, who is in her 30s, also turned her nose up at the idea of receiving personalised blankets too — suggesting people should just pay for her botox instead.

However, TikTok users were left divided over the clip as many took to the comments telling her to be grateful for what she gets. One user said: "Just give me cash and I can get what I want."

A second added: "We are definitely two different women." A third wrote: "Not all women I guess. I’d be happy with any of those things." Meanwhile, others defended the clip as they claim people should put more thought into gift giving.

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A user penned: "I just want people to put thought into it." Another commented: "Experience over material, yes." A third wrote: "We feel seen."

Even more people took to the comments to warn men not to by women plastic surgery for Christmas as it could be taken as an insult. One user warned: "Yeah but if my bf bought me Botox for Christmas I'd be kinda depressed."

Another added: "Sorry but if someone got me Botox idk how I would react to that." A final user said: "If my boyfriend said “here’s money for Botox babe, merry Christmas” I’d be like what the actual f**k is wrong with you."

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