Woman stalked her husband for years before 'officially' meeting him

‘Psychotic’ woman called out for stalking her husband for two years before they met and memorising his routine and favourite items: ‘I knew it was love at first sight’

  • A woman was called out for her ‘insane’ stalker act to land her husband
  • Her story was revealed by podcast host Morgan Ashley Absher
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A woman has been labelled ‘psychotic’ and ‘manipulative’ for stalking her husband for two years before officially ‘meeting’ him and then tailoring her personality to suit his likes and dislikes for over 10 years.

Lauren*, 24, first saw her future husband, Tom*, when she was 14 and he was 18 years old and went on to stalk his social media accounts, find out his home address, and details about his family members.

She soon discovered that Tom’s little brother, Nick*, was enrolled in her school and proceeded to befriend him in order to insert herself into their family dynamic.

‘I started spending lots of time with Tom’s mum, and she told me all about his university, past girlfriends, favourite foods, pet peeves – everything I needed to know,’ Lauren confessed.

She shared her story on Reddit, which was then picked up by popular podcast host Morgan Ashley Absher for ‘Two Hot Takes’ on Spotify, who read it out on the show.

Popular podcast host Morgan Ashley Absher (pictured) from ‘Two Hot Takes’, read out a Reddit thread about a woman who stalked her boyfriend for years before they met

READ MORE: Aussie woman shares her ‘ultimate ick list’ including driving a Hyundai Getz, whispering, and drinking from a straw

Lauren revealed that she would find out what weekends Tom would be home from university and wear her best outfits and put makeup on in order to impress him.

‘Tom was a school record holder for a specific niche sport that I also happened to play, and he came back to coach our high school team for extra volunteer hours when I was a senior,’ Lauren shared.

‘I spent a lot more time with him. I loved every second of it. We were friends before, but became much closer and he would drive me home after school.

‘I applied to university in New York because I knew he was moving there for a job, and we started dating soon after I turned 19. He proposed to me when I graduated, and we got married a year later.’

Lauren started to feel guilty about her stalking and lying because Tom told everyone ‘fate’ brought them together.

She decided to spill her guts and tell her husband the truth – but everything went downhill from there.

This is Joe Goldberg level unhinged..#twohottakespodcast #redditreadings

‘Tom was dumbfounded, scared, and confused after I explained the real story of how we fell in love. He sat in front of me and sobbed uncontrollably while asking me how much of our relationship and my identity was fabricated according to his liking.

‘He packed his bags and told me he needed space and that he still loved me but was going to spend some time in a hotel.’

Lauren went to sleep thinking her husband, although betrayed, would eventually come around and realise her heart was in the right place.

But she woke up to a storm.

‘Tom went to his family and told them everything – none of them want anything to do with me anymore and they’re all calling me psychotic. He exaggerated it to make me seem crazy. 

‘He said that he lied about going to a hotel, because he knew if he told the truth I would try to stop him. I feel so betrayed. I tried to be a good wife by showing him the true me, and this is what he does? I did all this work just for it to end up like this?’

Thousands were appalled by Lauren’s ‘disgusting’ actions and shamed her for the behaviour.

‘You’re a plain sociopath,’ a woman said. ‘You did all of this for the drama, not because you cared about Tom. If you did, you would have taken this to your grave.’

‘I am so extremely creeped out, I get being smitten and wanting to try and get closer to people but this is some next level sh*t,’ another wrote.

A third said: ‘For the past decade, your entire personality was to appeal to him. Every new like and dislike was impacted by the decision you made at 14. You honestly believe this is authentic, when in reality, you have no idea who you even are.’

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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