Worlds hottest gran shares secrets to staying fit as she marks another bday

They say age is just a number – and nobody proves this more than Gina Stewart.

The blonde bombshell is known as the "world's hottest gran" thanks to her youthful looks and the sexy pics she posts online.

So as she prepares to celebrate her 53rd birthday, she shared a few tips for those who want to look as fit and fabulous as her.

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Gina boasts thousands of followers on Instagram – and people love her racy snaps and health tips.

She recently posted on her health page, where she shared the secrets to staying fit in your 50s.

To show how great you can look, she stood wearing nothing other than a slinky olive swimsuit and a matching cap.

As she smiled at the camera, she flaunted her super toned bod and flashed her bum too.

She kept her make-up natural as she posed in the kitchen – and looked totally youthful as she struck a pose.

Writing on Instagram, Gina said: "As I approach my 53rd birthday in September, I’m fully committed to improving my health.

"Here are some of my tried-and-true practices: let’s make 50s the new 30s.

"Hydration is key. I exclusively drink filtered water from a BPA-free bottle, occasionally enjoying chamomile or green tea for their antioxidants.

"Post-shower, I moisturise with organic coconut oil, keeping my skin well-hydrated to maintain its youthful appearance since I was 19.

"A daily facial routine involves using a flat Jade stone for GWA-SHA massage, boosting circulation, and defining my jawline.

"Make-up shields my face from the sun, safeguarding it throughout the years.

"I maintain a healthy weight that preserves my facial structure and collagen, avoiding extreme weight loss.

"Saunas help detoxify my skin and enhance its freshness, removing any makeup residue.

"I end my showers with a cold blast to tighten and refresh my skin."

She also said she treats herself to cryo freezing chambers as they leave her feeling "invigorated and euphoric".

As well as this, she has red light therapy three times a week, as she claims it reduces fine lines and gives her skin a healthy glow.

Gina added: "Regularly analysing my hair helps me identify nutrient deficiencies and tailor my supplements accordingly.

"Following Brian Johnson’s wellness blueprint has revitalized me over the last six months.

"Prioritizing sleep on a silk pillowcase for 8 hours minimizes skin tugging and contributes to anti-aging efforts.

"Incorporating walks, light-medium weights, rebounding and squats into my routine maintains vitality and overall well-being.

"These practices collectively help me maintain a youthful appearance and robust health as I embrace this new stage of life."

Since she shared the post, it's been liked hundreds of times and her fans were quick to comment too.

People can't believe she's nearly 53 – and claimed what she's doing is definitely working.

One replied: "Work all that said, it's definitely working for you."

Another added: "You look absolutely beautiful. I really do mean that."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Beauty at its best. Age doesn't matter, it matters how you live it."

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