Troubled gambling addict Ed in Corrie given access to business account

We know Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) used to be addicted to gambling in Coronation Street.

This was first revealed in 2019, when viewers learnt that because the Bailey family had no money as a result of Ed’s gambling, they lost their previous home and had to move to the cobbles.

Ed’s addiction is at risk of returning to the forefront of his mind soon, as his new business plan with Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) continues to develop.

This new plot started a few weeks ago, when Debbie (Sue Devaney) suggested to Ronnie that he could invest shares in Newton and Ridley and eventually, he’d end up with more cash.

This is called insider dealing and once Ed found out, he said that he’d rather not get involved – given that it’s also a criminal offence.

Ronnie hasn’t been entirely honest with Ed about the finer details and because of that, he’s forced to celebrate once Ed discovers their new bid has been accepted.

As the week continues, Ronnie decides to give Ed his own bank card for the business account.

He accepts the offer but feels uneasy, knowing it’s a risk to have access to a lot of money.

Depsite being aware of what could happen, Ed assures his brother that he can trust him, but will he keep a lid on his addiction?

Or will Ed’s gambling create further problems for the siblings?

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