Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales' mother goes on HUNGER STRIKE

Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales’ mother locks herself inside a church and goes on HUNGER STRIKE to stop ‘inhumane’ treatment of her son – and tells Jenni Hermoso ‘tell the truth’ amid his kiss-gate suspension

  • Angeles Bejar has locked herself inside the Divina Pastora church in Motril
  • Rubiales’ mother has started a hunger strike in protest at treatment of him
  • Spanish football chief refused to resign amid furore over Jenni Hermoso kiss  

The mother of shamed Spanish football chief Luis Rubiales has locked herself inside a church and gone on hunger strike in support of her son.

Angeles Bejar demanded an end to the ‘inhumane witch-hunt’ after he kissed Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips following their Women’s World Cup triumph.

Rubiales refused to stand down as president of the Spanish football federation but has been provisionally suspended by world football’s governing body FIFA.

Bejar, a former hairdresser, has locked herself in the Divina Pastora church in Motril, east of Malaga in southern Spain, and started an ‘indefinite, day and night’ hunger strike until ‘justice is served.’

Bejar demanded that Hermoso ‘tell the truth’ after the player insisted the kiss wasn’t consensual, in contrast to Rubiales’ account.

The mother of Spanish football chief Luis Rubiales (left), Angeles Bejar, has gone on hunger strike in a church in protest at what she describes as the ‘inhumane witch-hunt’ against her son

Inside the Divina Pastora church in Motril where the mother of shamed Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has gone on hunger strike over his ‘inhumane’ treatment

Rubiales refused to resign despite outrage after he kissed Spanish player Jenni Hermoso

Angeles Bejar has locked herself in the church in the southern Spanish town of Motril 

The Spanish Football Federation president Rubiales refused to resign amid outrage after he kissed Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips during World Cup celebrations

As reported by Marca, she asked ‘why are they being so cruel to him’ and ‘what is behind the story’ since ‘he is incapable of harming anyone.’

Rubiales grew up in Motril, in the Andalucia region, and visited there for a holiday over the weekend. Angeles’ husband is the resort’s former mayor. 

It comes as the Spanish football federation holds another urgent meeting over Rubiales’ future in his post.

Luis Rubiales’ cousin Vanesa Ruiz Bejar, speaking on behalf of her family, said outside the church: ‘The statement I’m about to make is extremely difficult.

‘My name is Vanesa Ruiz Bejar and I’m Luis Rubiales’ cousin.

‘There’s a campaign of harassment occurring that is very unfair.

‘Luis’ mum who is a very religious person has sought refuge in God and started a hunger strike.

‘She doesn’t want to come out of the church. We are all suffering a lot because of what’s happened to Luis which doesn’t seem at all fair to us.

‘He’s been condemned already without being tried. It’s not normal. We won’t to be left alone. The facts speak for them, there are videos, there are audio recordings.’

In a direct message to Hermoso, she added: ‘Jenni, say the truth.’

‘Why has she changed her version three times? We have suffered a lot, we have had to leave our homes because of the harassment we’re suffering.

‘We won’t to be left alone and see justice done and we want this woman to tell the truth. Jenni, ‘tell the truth!’

The church is located in the Rubiales family’s home town of Motril, to the east of Malaga and south of Granada, on Spain’s southern coast

Rubiales sparked more outrage after footage emerged of him grabbing his crotch while celebrating Spain’s win in the vicinity of Spanish Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter

In an odd speech at an RFEF meeting on Friday, he refused to quit and blasted ‘false feminists’

She went on to say Angeles Bejar, Luis’ mum, was in a very distressed state, adding: ‘She’s an elderly lady whose health is very delicate and she’s suffering a lot.

‘She’s crying all time and is not able to sleep and is not eating.

‘The person that spends five minutes with Luis knows he’s a really good person with a big heart. He’s a very noble person.’

Asked when Angeles’ hunger strike would continue to, she said referring to Jenni Hermoso: ‘Until that woman speaks and tells the truth. I’m not saying who’s the baddie and who’s the goodie here, but I just want Jenni to tell the truth.

She insisted she had no idea where Luis was and whether he had been able to speak to his mum since she went on hunger strike.

Although it was initially reported Luis’ mum was with a sister, it was subsequently claimed she was with a sister-in-law.

Local reports said two priests were inside the church with the women. No-one from the parish could immediately be reached for comment.

In a stunning press conference on Friday, Rubiales refused to stand down as head of the Spanish FA as he lashed out at ‘false feminism’ for a ‘social murder’ of his reputation.

Rubiales also carried Spanish player Athenea del Castillo Beivide during the celebrations

Rubiales embraces Spanish player Aitana Bonmati during the presentation ceremony

Rubiales hugs Alba Redondo amid Spain’s celebrations after winning the Women’s World Cup

Rubiales sparked outrage after he kissed Hermoso on the mouth as she stepped up to receive her medal following Spain’s 1-0 win.

Footage also emerged that showed Rubiales grabbing his crotch while standing near Queen Letizia of Spain and her 16-year-old daughter Princess Infanta Sofia – behaviour he apologised for.

Hermoso has been threatened with legal action by the Spanish football federation after she said she didn’t consent to the kiss and disputed Rubiales’ version of events.

Rubiales claimed that Hermoso ‘lifted me up’ during the celebrations and agreed to ‘a little kiss’. ‘The kiss was the same I could give one of my daughters,’ Rubiales added.

He was provisionally suspended by FIFA ‘from all football-related activities at national and international level’ with disciplinary proceedings opened against the 46-year-old.

81 Spanish players – including all 23 who went to the Women’s World Cup – have announced they will not represent their country until Rubiales is removed from his position.

The Spanish FA (RFEF)’s interim president Pedro Rocha has called an ‘extraordinary and urgent’ meeting ‘to evaluate the situation in which the federation finds itself’ after Rubiales’ suspension, an RFEF spokesperson said on Sunday. 

Left-wing Spanish politicians who branded it ‘sexual violence’ when footage of the kiss first emerged are now being supported by mainstream commentators in condemning what happened.

The England Women’s football team and male players like Andres Iniesta have also criticised Rubiales, who was expected to resign on Friday before insisting he would fight attempts to oust him.

It came as UEFA, the governing body of European football, faced criticism for it’s silence over Rubiales, who serves as one of their vice-presidents on a salary of £214,000-a-year. 

The Spanish football chief also serves as chairman of UEFA’s Club Licensing Committee and is deputy chairman of their Marketing Advisory Committee. 

Former England and Arsenal striker Ian Wright, who responded to news of FIFA’s suspension of Rubiales by tweeting: ‘Good. But still silence from UEFA. No comment on the behaviour of their Vice President.

Former England striker Ian Wright was critical of UEFA for their lack of comment on Rubiales 

Norwegian star Ada Hegerberg was also critical of Rubiales as she supported Spain’s players

Lionesses legend Casey Stoney also criticised a lack of reaction from UEFA over the scandal

‘Same UEFA whose president did not attend the Women’s World Cup final where both teams represented the region.

‘These are the same people in charge of leading the future of women’s football. They don’t give a s***!’

Prominent Norwegian footballer Ada Hegerberg said: ‘This is the @UEFA Vice-President, re-elected in the executive committee earlier this year, dropping that horrendous speech.

‘If you don’t see the issue, you are part of it. My thoughts with the players who should be celebrating, and with the ones who decided to stay home. Enough.’

Lionesses legend Stoney tweeted: ‘MISSING: Has anyone seen or heard from @UEFA? The players and our sport deserve better. Do the right thing!!

‘You have a unique opportunity to stand up and show the world your values. WHAT ARE THEY?’

Mail Sport has asked UEFA for comment.

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