Taylor Swift fans convinced she left Kelce's suite in POPCORN MACHINE

Taylor Swift fans are convinced pop superstar left Travis Kelce’s suite in a POPCORN MACHINE… as video from the stadium shows adoring supporters shouting: ‘That’s her! She’s in there!’

  • Taylor Swift watched Travis Kelce’s latest win alongside his mom in a suite
  • Fans have gone wild for a video they claim shows her secretly leaving VIP area 
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Taylor Swift fans believe they have worked out exactly how she left Travis Kelce’s suite without being spotted – and it involves an ingenious use of a popcorn machine.

Swift was a VIP guest of the Kansas City Chiefs star at their win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, and the pair have since made headlines around the world after being spotted leaving the stadium together in his vintage convertible. 

While there are images and video of them leaving the stadium, it is unclear how Taylor made it from the box to meet Kelce after the game had ended – although some fans believe they have worked it out.

A TikTok video has gone viral, with some Swifties claiming it shows the popstar hiding inside a popcorn machine, to avoid being caught by fans.

The machine is being wheeled by a tight-lipped (or confused!) stadium employee, while fans in the vicinity shout: ‘That’s her! She’s in there.’

A popcorn machine (L) is pushed in the stadium – which fans claim contained Taylor Swift (R)

If Taylor did use the bizarre way of sneaking out, it would not be the first time – like other big names, she has previously got to the stage at her concerts by hiding in equipment boxes.

So far, there is no confirmation either way – but fans of the pop sensation appear convinced they have worked out her secret trick.

Minutes later, Taylor and Travis did appear together, heading out a back door of the stadium and straight into his drop-top, where they headed to a restaurant in Kansas City.

The pair are said to have enjoyed a private night out at the Prime Social Rooftop in Kansas City, according to Entertainment Tonight. 

Taylor was earlier spotted alongside Donna Kelce – Travis’ mom – in a box at Arrowhead 

Travis drives Taylor off into the Kansas City sunset in his vintage drop-top car after the game

In a video shared on a TikTok fan account and later spread on X, formerly known as Twitter, a fan called Molly claims her friend witnessed the ‘couple’ at the restaurant where she ‘paid for everybody at the restaurant so that they would leave’.

The video was shared on the TikTok account 1989 Vinyl (@1989vinyl), where account holder Molly spoke to the camera and regaled the story. 

She said: ‘I just got a call from a friend and Taylor is going to a place, and she just paid for everybody at the restaurant so that they would leave…

‘They were eating and the waitress came up and said, “Here’s the deal, everything is paid for but you have to have to leave, like right now.” How freaking insane is this! Oh and of course, she’s with Travis Kelce.’

Swift appeared to mouth the words ‘lets f***ing go’ as she celebrated Kelce’s three-yard catch

As the game got underway, Swift was clearly feeling tense watching Kelce in action 

Kelce is pictured arriving at Arrowhead Stadium earlier on Sunday for the NFL game

Molly shed further light on the situation, when a follower wrote: ‘This feels very different. This feels like, maybe not really planned, and she’s just living in the moment. And I LOVE that.’ 

The fan, who was praised for not revealing the restaurant’s location, then alleged: ‘Yes! Apparently a bunch of the other players arrived. According to my friend.’ 

Excited fans flooded the microblogging site in response to the video, writing: ‘Imagine being someone who lives in kansas city and this happens to you. It’s the only story you tell for the rest of your life…

‘The local paper is doing a story and gives you multiple quotes. There’s a “Taylor swift kicked me out of a restaurant” reunion in 5 years. OMGGG TAYLOR SWIFT emptied out the restaurant just for her and travis kelce!!!!!’

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