US Open: watch the moment Djokovic tries to help Medvedev after a fall

US Open: Watch the moment Novak Djokovic tries to pick up Daniil Medvedev after a heavy fall… only for the Russian to pass up the offer of help

  • REPORT: Novak Djokovic beat Daniil Medvedev to win his 24th Grand Slam title
  • Early in the third set, Medvedev took a tumble and Djokovic tried to help him up
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Novak Djokovic spent most of Sunday afternoon trying to down Daniil Medvedev as he chased a 24th Grand Slam title.

Early in the third set of their US Open final, however, the No 2 seed did his best to pick the Russian up off the floor.

Djokovic and Medvedev spent more than three hours tussling for supremacy in Arthur Ashe Stadium, sharing several titanic rallies but also some moments of sportsmanship.

With the scores tied at 1-1 in the third set, they began another baseline battle before Djokovic approached the net and attempted a backhand drop volley.

Medvedev sprinted to meet it, sending a forehand passing shot over the net, only to lose his footing and take a tumble. He was left lying on his back near the net. 

Early in the third set of the US Open final, Daniil Medvedev took a tumble near the net

Novak Djokovic eventually climbed over the net to try and help his opponent off the floor

The Russian stayed there for a few seconds while Djokovic stood at the net, looking down at his opponent. 

Medvedev gave a thumbs up to Djokovic, who leant on the net with a smile on his face. Then, as the Russian checked his elbow for injury, Djokovic climbed on to the other side of the court.

The champion held out his hand to Medvedev, offering to help him up off the floor. But the Russian asked for another minute before finally sitting up and thanking his opponent for the gesture.

Later, Medvedev discussed his fall and the shoulder problem he suffered, which required attention from the physio.

Djokovic offered his hand to help Medvedev, only for the Russian to ask for another minute

Medvedev feared he might have hurt his elbow after taking the tumble near the net

‘I felt nothing. Actually, the moment I fell, I was like: “Man, this could have been – not dangerous – but I could have hurt myself,’ he said.

‘So for maybe 30 seconds, one minute, I was like: does it hurt? does it not hurt?

‘There was the other problem I had: in the third set it was growing, growing, growing, and at the same time, again, that’s how tennis is. 

‘Maybe I win the second set and I don’t think about the other problem I had. The pain goes less. When you lose it, the pain goes up. Again, I definitely didn’t lose because I had a small pain on my left shoulder.

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