BBC radio star takes ‘control’ by quitting show after ‘cruel’ treatment

BBC Radio DJ argument following bizarre outburst

BBC’s Ray Clark has taken matters into his own hands and has quit his Radio Essex show after the treatment he’s received from bosses.

Taking to Twitter in a furious rant, the presenter shared a snap of himself in the studio announcing the news to his followers.

Sharing the final date of his show, the host revealed he’d come to this decision after the way the situation had been handled.

He claimed: “I heard a year ago that changes would affect my BBC shows.

“Since final dates have been moved and been changed with little notice. Still with no certainty about final dates, I am taking control.

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“I will present my last show on 8th Oct.” has contacted the BBC for comment.

Although Ray won’t be part of the BBC, fans will still be able to listen to him on Radio Caroline.

After listening to the pirate radio station from a young age, Ray joined Radio Caroline in the late 1980s and first played under the pseudonym Mick Williams.

With many people quizzing Ray over his BBC exit, he decided to clear up a few queries in another post.

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He commented: “Just to clarify, no, of course I don’t want to give up a successful & popular regional #BBC show.

“But, to be told ‘you finish in January, no March, no June, no perhaps October’ is cruel & unfair.

“So, I’ve decided I’ll finish on 8th October. Thank you for listening. See you on Caroline.”

It looks as though Ray isn’t the only local radio star who has been left reeling by the BBC over cuts as former presenter Sophie Little made an on-air rant during her last show.

However, the Norfolk star’s speech seemed to be axed from the programme along with it being cut from the BBC Sounds app.

Realising part of her audio was not added to her last show, the ex-host took to Twitter to share a link allowing people to listen to her strong words.

During her speech, she said: “Something that has always bothered me is when an individual has any kind of platform and they don’t use it to speak up for others at a time when they should.

“Local radio is a vital public service. And it is my opinion that these drastic, sweeping cuts that are taking place to BBC local radio stations all across the country are not only detrimental to anyone who enjoys switching on their local station and hearing their favourite shows, and detrimental to the local communities who value it and use it.”

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