Ben Shephard confronts Tipping Point contestant after mortifying footy blunder

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    Tipping Point host Ben Shephard was forced to call out a contestant after he made a mortifying football blunder.

    The popular host returned to front Thursday’s episode of the ITV quiz show (September 7) as he welcomed three new players, Jo, Pete and Armani to the podium, all vying to win a cash prize.

    The show posed a series of epic answer blunders, but one in particular stood out and host Ben couldn’t help but get involved.

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    As PR executive Armani took on a question about which North London-based football team was booted out of the Europa League back in 2022, she decided to guess a North London team – saying “Chelsea.”

    With Chelsea not being anywhere near north London, Ben decided to ask player Pete if he knew the answer. To which he replied: “I’m an Arsenal fan so I’m not sure.”

    Ben was then seeing pulling a puzzled look, saying; “You’re an Arsenal fan are you?” to which Pete confidently agreed.

    Moments later Ben revealed the answer was in fact Arsenal, telling Pete: ”you’re not a very big fan are you?”

    Fans took to social media is their droves to comment on the blunder.

    “‘Big’ Arsenal fan gets Arsenal question wrong on Tipping Point. Yeah right, huge fan,” one fan blasted.

    Another fumed: “Ffs, he’s an Arsenal fan and can’t remember and she thinks Chelsea is in north London! while a third chimed in: “Never mind Arsenal, he's not even a *football* fan if he didn't know that …"

    It wasn’t the only answer blunder of the evening. Player Jo kicked things off earlier in the episode with an awkward answer, when she was asked to name a country in northern Africa.

    While Jo could have names any of the 54 countries on the continent, she chose to name the continent itself, saying: “Africa”

    Fans were yet again baffled at the hilarious gaffe.

    “Ah yes, that well-known African country – Africa,” blasted one fan.

    Another achoed: “Ah yes, that well-known country – Africa! Jess Chrst”

    “a country in Africa just guess a country ANY country.. Jo: AFRICA SMDH,” blasted a third followed by a gif of someone banging their head against a wall.

    Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV1 and ITVX at 4pm

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