Carol Vorderman says stars played ‘rude word Countdown’ in bar after filming

Carol Vorderman said "rude words" were cut out of Countdown and every time a contestant came up with one they had to substitute it with another high scoring word and re-record it.

The 62 year old revealed the show’s experts had to find an alternative word to give them instead so the scoring remained fair.

Vorderman added one famous meme that spells out a rude word starting with "CU" and ending with "PS" never actually happened – as the show would have "never had that".

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However, she said the presenters did play "rude word Countdown" in the bar afterwards.

Speaking on the Off Menu podcast, the former Countdown star said: "Some [rude words] did come up, and we would have to keep a straight face.

|It’s all about keeping a straight face.

"You know, in the early days they would go, 'No, cut, cut, cut', and we would have to do it again."

Vorderman said if one contestant had the longest word, but it was rude, they would have to re-record "so that the scoring was [fair]’"

"If it was allowed, we would have to re-record it and give [them] a different seven."

Vorderman co-presented Countdown from 1982 to 2008 and initially appeared on the show alongside Richard Whiteley until his death in 2005.

She did reveal though that one rude word that has gone viral online, never actually happened on the show.

The presenter said: "When something rude came up, that awful one that begins with 'CU' and ends in 'PS'- that never happened.

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"You see that on a meme quite a lot – that never happened. No, we’d never have that [filmed for a show].

"We couldn’t have a rude word [on the show].

"Rude word Countdown happened in the bar after."

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