Coronation Street fans work out Stephen will die in murder exit twist

Coronation Street fans think they have worked out that serial killer Stephen Reid will die in a shock twist later this year.

As Stephen's web of lies starts to unravel, viewers of the ITV soap believe Peter Barlow will murder Stephen before he leaves the Street for good.

Peter has been added to Stephen's growing list of enemies in recent weeks, after Stephen told Rufus' widow, Lou, that Peter sold her late husband's watch.

Viewers of the show will recall that Stephen was caught trying to steal his tie pin from Lou's belongings, as it was found at the scene of Rufus' death.

As Lou questioned Stephen about what he was doing, he broke the news that Peter had sold Rufus' missing watch after Rufus left it in his taxi.

Stephen was forced to throw Peter under the bus because if Lou knew why he was there, she would have worked out that the tie pin belonged to Stephen and that would place him at the scene of Rufus' death.

When Peter found out that Stephen had told Lou before he had the chance, he was furious, revealing to his partner Carla Connor that he believes Stephen has a hidden agenda.

Carla nearly agreed with Peter, but saidshe can't do anything about it as she needs him to carry on working at the factory for now.

Shortly after, Peter and Stephen clashed at Roy's Rolls, and Peter told him that his actions made him look like a psychopath.

As Peter grows more and more suspicious about Stephen, could he be the one who snaps and kills Stephen?

One viewer tweeted: "I really hope that Peter kills Stephen during Super Soap Week in October. #Corrie."

Someone else asked: "Do you think Peter could be the person that kills Stephen during Super Soap Week leading to Peter's exit?"

In response, one viewer said: "That would be the only way I would accept Peter leaving without Carla, to be honest."

It was announced in July, that Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter, is taking an "extended break" from the soap later this year, and he has no plans to return.

A source told the MailOnline: “He's taking an extended break as he has done before with no set date for return as yet.

"He will be on screen until the end of the year, with the door will be very much left open."

With the door being left open for a return, will Peter kill before he leaves?

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