Corrie's Alan Halsall reveals danger for Hope and Ruby amid ambulance dash

Hope and Ruby Dobbs (Isabella Flanagan and Billie Naylor) are set to return to Coronation Street in upcoming scenes, and it isn’t long before they’re at the centre of the drama.

Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) recently allowed mum Cassie (Claire Sweeney) to move in with him while the girls were visiting Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) in Norwich.

However, with his daughters set to return, actor Alan Halsall has revealed that Tyrone’s concern’s over having Cassie around the kids play on his mind.

‘At the moment he is a single parent with Fiz away. And he’s obviously allowing this woman, who no one really knows very well, to be around the girls, just because she’s his biological mum. And he really does consider that an awful lot.

‘But he glosses over so many things because he wants it so badly to work, he just wants to have his mum around and for her to be a good Nan to the kids.’

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Though Evelyn has made it clear that she thinks Cassie is still using, Alan explained that Tyrone chooses to believe his mum when she says she is clean, despite Evelyn’s warnings.

‘He’s really trying to have an open mind and open heart. But also he does have Evelyn’s warning and advice or in the back of his mind so is always a bit curious, but he wants it to work.

‘I think that’s the thing, it is not so much what he thinks as what he wants. He really wants it to work more than anything and therefore he’s willing to dismiss things because he kind of needs it or wants it so badly to work.’

Despite Tyrone’s hopes that Cassie is telling the truth, in upcoming scenes, Hope is set to find Cassie unconscious, having overdosed on drugs, leaving Tyrone having to call an ambulance.

‘Tyrone’s devastated for many reasons,’ Alan explained. ‘His mum is on the floor collapsed and needs an ambulance which is scary for everyone. He doesn’t really know what’s going on but is also trying to protect Hope and what she’s seen.

‘He also feels let down and betrayed by his Mum, she had promised him that everything was going to be alright.

‘It’s a real whirlwind of emotions and Tyrone is so shocked by it all because even in the back of his mind, he probably thought something like this could happen. He also wanted to believe so much that he wouldn’t.

‘His first concern is Hope and worrying about what she’s seen and how she’s dealt with it.

‘What he really doesn’t quite understand is why she’s gone back to using drugs. He doesn’t understand why when she has found him and everything is better in her life she has still gone back to the drugs. And he doesn’t really understand drug abuse and of course this was what Evelyn was trying to say to him.’

Will Cassie make a full recovery? And how will Tyrone feel to learn that she lied to him about being clean?

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