Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ Chloe’s dad’s identity ahead of ‘deadly revenge twist’

The Chloe Harris father mystery in Emmerdale has been blown wide open, or so a number of fans believe.

Unconfirmed reports are suggesting that she's about to be killed off the ITV soap; her vehicle plunging off a cliff edge with two other characters, partner Mackenzie Boyd and his ex-wife Charity Dingle, directly involved.

Over on X (formally known as Twitter), Emmerdale watchers believe that if Chloe was really to meet her maker in upcoming scenes, this would pave the way for her biological dad to emerge hellbent on revenge.

Despite running away from imprisoned 'father' Damon Harris due to his controlling tendencies, it was subsequently revealed that Kerry Wyatt was Chloe's real mum and that her actual dad was a bloke named Tony, who has no idea she even exists.

Sharing their theories online, Emmerdale fans have pinpointed gangster Harry as the possible dad of Chloe.

"Could this Harry that beat up Celeb and with the guns be Chloe's dad?" wrote one individual, with three fellow users replying: "That's exactly what I thought", "Yeah the bad guy is Chloe's dad" and "I was thinking the same thing… we will have to wait and see!"

"Harry is Chloe's dad", "This Harry has gotta be Chloe’s dad right he sounds dangerous! Though Its Emmerdale so in reality it’s probably just a water pistol", "Ooh I hope the new guy Harry turns out to be Amy and Chloe's dad…." and "This Harry is obviously Chloe’s dad ain’t he," added four more.

While we wait to see whether those crystal balls are in working order, Emmerdale actress Karen Blick exclusively caught up with OK! just last week, admitting that she cried when the show's bosses revealed their plans for Lydia Dingle to be raped by ex Craig.

"I’ve played Lydia for seven years, and she’s become part of me, so I feel very protective of her," she began. "She’s like a really good friend, and if somebody was telling me this is going to happen to a really good friend, I would have an emotional reaction.

"James [Hooton, who plays Sam Dingle] had no idea – he kept saying, 'I know where this is going’ and then when Jane [Hudson, executive producer] said, 'Then Craig rapes Lydia', it was shocking. Both of us had tears in our eyes."

Karen went on to recall: "We never have any inclination in terms of how Craig would behave in the future towards Lydia. He was respectful and 'normal', and I think that’s a key part of the story. As women, we don’t know who’s going to perpetrate this sort of behaviour when it’s not overtly showing.

Such harrowing scenes forced the soap star to seek help in the form of crystal healing.

"My friend is a crystal healer – she’s very talented. She came to my house and gave me a complimentary session before we started filming," Karen noted.

"Then she gave me three crystals and said, 'Keep that one in your bra, and put these two in Lydia’s shoes, then take them out when you put Lydia’s shoes on and put them in your shoes.'"

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with hour-long episodes on Thursdays.

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