Corrie’s Rovers Return new owners ‘confirmed’ as Daisy makes huge decision

It’s fair to say it’s been a difficult few months for Jenny Connor on Coronation Street recently.

Following the closure of the Rovers Return back in September, residents have been forced to take their explosive arguments elsewhere while fans wait for a new owner to take over. Despite being forced to sell the infamous pub, the former landlady and Daisy Midgeley have been trying their best to repurchase the property.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the 120-year-old pub was eventually bought by local brewery Newton and Ridley. Luckily, Gemma managed to talk Henry Newton into convincing his father Philip to seal a deal which would see Jenny continue as landlady and all bar workers retained.

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But Jenny and the rest of the staff were then dealt a massive blow when it was announced that Philip was selling the family firm to brewery conglomerate Waterfords. Since then, a representative from the company inspected the premises and decided the pub would be closing for refurbishment.

But their heartache may finally be over when Daniel Osbourne proposed an exciting opportunity to his loving fiancée. At the start of the week, the teacher gains permission to visit the pub from the Waterfords and shows Daisy the empty Rovers.

It’s at this point that he suggests that instead of putting their savings towards a flat in Redbank, that they buy back the pub instead. Daisy is understandable gobsmacked by his proposition.

Later in the week, Jenny and Ken are thrilled when Daisy breaks the news to Jenny that they have decided to purchase the Rovers. Daisy is thrown when Daniel tells her he hopes the next step in their relationship will be her agreeing to adopt Bertie.

When Daisy shares the news with Ryan in private, the barman instantly smells a rat. He tells Daisy that he thinks Daniel has found out the truth about their affair and has sabotaged his new gym job, explaining to her about his video interview.

Daisy believes Ryan is overthinking things but back at the flat, things become too much when Daniel discusses his plans to become a united family again. Guilt rises within as she starts to fill in the adoption form but before she signs on the dotted line, Daisy finally confesses to her affair with Ryan.

The explosive revelation soon sees the pair lock horns as Daisy does her best to try and convince Daniels he would never cheat again. But her husband-to-be is devastated when she admits that she does love Ryan – but in a different way to how she loves him.

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Meanwhile, Jenny lets slip to Carla about what has happened between Daisy and Daniel. As the pair take some space to cool off, Daisy tells Ryan that Daniel knows everything.

But before Ryan can tell Crystal about his one-night stand with Daisy, Daniel storms into the bistro and lays into Ryan. Ryan bolts with Daniel in hot pursuit and a fight soon breaks out.

Crystal tells Ryan she’s prepared to give him another chance, but the brunette beauty is due to leave for Glasgow in two days’ time. It is up to Ryan to decide if he wants to stay in Weatherfield or move with her to Scotland.

While Daisy and Ryan try and pick up the pieces of their love life, the fate of the Rovers Return still hangs in the balance.

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