EastEnders fans ‘figure out’ Cindy Beales reason for abandoning her family

EastEnders: Cindy Beale story explained

EastEnders legend Cindy Beale (played by Michelle Collins) finally makes her long awaited return to Albert Square this week and fans have been speculating why she abandoned her husband and children after examining her “timeline”.

Although Walford residents, including her ex-husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyat) and her children, believed her to be dead for the past 25 years, she was actually in the witness protection programme.

During her time in hiding in Spain, where she was using the name Rose, she met and married George Knight (Colin Salmon) and the couple had two children Gina (Francesca Henry) and Anna (Molly Rainford).

However, she abandoned them several years ago much to the distress of her daughters, who have struggled ever since.

In advance of her comeback fans of the show have taken to Reddit to debate why she fled her family, and they have several theories.

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“Cindy was living as ‘Rose’ when she met and married George and had two daughters… but then she left,” a user called @stpony said.

“Now, did she leave because she just didn’t want to be with them, or was she instructed to by the Witness Relocation Programme?

“Maybe the bad guys were onto her… but then that would mean her family would have been in danger. And if they were in danger and she still wanted to be with them, then why didn’t she take them with her into another identity?” they questioned.

Meanwhile, another fan called N1TR0_Z3U5 speculated that she left because of the death of her daughter, Lucy Beale: “I personally think it’s to do with the news that Lucy died, the timeline lines up pretty well.

“Perhaps she found out, went mad and tried to find answers, left George and the girls but got stopped by witness protection, couldn’t go back to George so was left to stew on her own until Ian somehow found her, or she found him,” they speculated.

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@IAMHOLMSEY agreed with this theory commenting: “Lucy’s the big factor. 9 years=2014. The year she died,” they pointed out.

“The real question is, why would she leave behind a newly born Cindy Jr. You can take your kids into witness protection with you so why did Cindy Sr leave her behind?”

Lucy was killed by her half-brother Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) back in 2015, and to complicate matters further he has recently started a romance with Cindy’s daughter Anna and is completely oblivious as to who her mother is.

Fans will finally get some answers to the mystery this week as Cindy returns to try and get her son Peter Beale (Thomas Law) to return to France, where he has been living with her and Ian.

However, she is unaware that George and her daughters are now living in the Queen Vic which is sure to lead to a lot of drama.

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