Cindy Beale comes face-to-face with George in nail-biting EastEnders spoiler

As EastEnders legend Cindy Beale makes her highly anticipated return in the iconic BBC soap, it's no surprise it's set to cause an explosive stir through Walford in tonight's episode, 28 August.

Cindy has made her big comeback to Albert Square after 25 years away, with residents believing she died in 1998.

But the character really went into witness protection, before she married George Knight and had two secret daughters Anna and Gina with him, deciding to leave the Beales behind for good.

But we know that Cindy and Ian are once again a couple and have been living in France with their son, Peter.

In upcoming scenes, Cindy meets her son Peter who takes a call from Ian who demands he get his mum back to France.

However whilst his back is turned, Cindy heads to Albert Square in search of her former mother-in-law and nemesis Kathy Beale. But desperate not to be seen, Cindy has to avoid those who knew her from many years ago.

With no luck in the café, Cindy heads to No.45 to face the music and it's not long before all hell breaks loose between the women.

As a showdown begins, elsewhere Gina, George and Elaine rally around to celebrate Anna's 21st birthday.

George is emotionally overwhelmed by the day, and opens about how sad and disappointed he is that Rose is missing yet another milestone in their daughters' lives.

Heartbroken, he steps outside of the Spanish fiesta at the pub for some air but is met with the shock of his life.

Ian arrives desperate to get Cindy away, but she is stopped in her tracks by George who has just exited The Vic.

The shock moment sees the former married couple come face to face for the first time in nine years.

It's been a long time since George last saw his wife Rose AKA Cindy after she walked out on him and their family so it's safe to say he's shocked to see her turn up.

But how will he react when he finds out who she really is?

Elsewhere on the Square, Kathy is rushed off her feet catering for Anna's 21st birthday party and sends Rocky and Bobby off to the chippy to prep.

After a confrontation with Cindy, Kathy is stunned to learn that Peter Beale is back in Walford. He recently returned from France to see his half-sisters Gina and Anna.

Later, Peter and Kathy have a heart to heart, but where will it end?

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