Emmerdale shaken by sudden death as villager killed off with fans left reeling

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    Emmerdale fans were left reeling as one villager was killed off during Friday’s episode.

    Tuning into the ITV soap on October 27, viewers had to wait until the end of the episode to see rapist Craig finally killed off in an act of brutal revenge after his attack on Lydia Dingle. With all the Dingle clan under suspicion, it’s not yet clear just who pulled the trigger.

    Earlier in the week, Lydia was told by police that they wouldn’t be pressing charges on the attacker, with Sam, Vinny, Belle, Mandy and Samson all desperate for revenge. Cain, meanwhile, has already offered to ‘sort Craig out’ on Sam’s behalf.

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    At the very end of Friday’s episode, Craig’s lifeless body was spotted lying in the middle of a field at Home Farm with no clues as to how he got there. Soap spoilers have, however, already confirmed that a Dingle Court is set to be hosted in the Woolpack next week.

    In the pub. Rhona fumed: "You can't be seriously thinking about killing him?" as Aaron furiously disagreed. "Because that worked out so well for Robert?" she fired back, while Mandy darkly muttered: "We could always get Kyle to do it."

    Lydia then rushed in to put an end to the conversation, ordering "no more hurt and no more violence" and urging them to forget their "vendetta".

    But in a series of flash-forwards, both Belle and Sam were seen with blood on their hands. Caleb and Cain were using their phones as Caleb's words about hiring a hitman played back, while Aaron could be seen menacingly clutching a crowbar as he thought about his abusive father.

    Mandy was spotted in tears, Charity with a drink in her hand and Marlon looking torn up about something, as Chas and Vinny both looked troubled but relatively unscathed.

    Fans soon took to X – formerly Twitter – to share their thoughts on Craig’s sudden death, with one penning: “Ooooh Sam’s ready to go full Dingle now!” as another furiously typed: "Emmerdale bosses said at the start they were gonna handle this rape story with sensitivity, are they bloody kidding. If this is what they think is sensitive they need a new dictionary fast."

    Flashback pictures have shown the rapist tied up in what looks to be a barn or warehouse, gagged and secured to a chair with Cain and Sam in attendance. Meanwhile, producer Laura Shaw has promised a whodunit for the ages.

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    She said: “Stepping out of the usual Emmerdale style, a series of flashbacks will let the viewers in on the lies each person has told and the secrets they are hiding. The week will truly keep everyone on the edge of their seats with each day more and more explosive secrets revealed that promise to have huge repercussions, shatter lives and cause fireworks in the Dingles bigger than ever seen before."

    Spoilers confirmed that everyone is hiding secrets, but which will they choose to come clean about? And what will viewers be left in the dark about?

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