Emmerdales Gail star Rachael Gill-Davis life including soap rival role

After arriving on our screens earlier this year, Ryan Stocks’ girlfriend Gail Loman has intrigued Emmerdale fans with her secretive past, as very little was known about the character beyond her dating history with Ryan.

However in recent scenes it emerged that the couple had far from a simplistic romance, as the former friends had previously conceived a child 13 years ago before placing him up for adoption!

The surprising baby bombshell was first revealed on Thursday 21 September, when the little boy’s adoptive mum sought out Gail to inform her that her son, now named Oscar, was critically ill in hospital.

Although the specifics surrounding Oscar’s illness are still vague, viewers do know that the youngster is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant to try and save his life.

Having gotten herself tested to see if she was a match, Gail later went on to inform Ryan that someone had been in touch as she revealed the situation to her boyfriend.

However rather than being quick to jump at the chance to help his son, Ryan brutally and coldly told Gail to leave as the little boy was nothing but a ‘mistake’ and nothing to do with them since he was given up for adoption.

The heartbreaking scenes struck a chord with fans tuning in at home – but thankfully, actress Rachael Gill-Davies leads a far less chaotic life away from our screens…

Early Life

Born and raised in St Annes, near Blackpool, Emmerdale star Rachael Gill-Davis first discovered her love of performing at a young age, with a penchant for soaps in particular having stemmed from tuning into them every night with her mum Dawn.

Bitten by the acting bug, from the age of 8 years old, Rachael began to hone her skills the Emily Laws School of Acting while also attending the King Edward and Queen Mary School for her compulsory education.

Rachael later went on to study at Lytham High School Sixth Form before continuing her theatre studies at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she graduated in 2017.

Emmerdale Stardom

Rachael’s first professional on screen credit came in 2019, when she was cast as Gail Loman in Emmerdale.

Initially introduced in a brief guest role, Rachael was delighted to be able to step into the world she had grown up watching as a child.

Speaking to the Blackpool Gazette about the experience, she told the publication: “I watched Emmerdale growing up so it was so unbelievable meeting the actors who play the characters I’ve been watching for so many years.

“I had two days of filming in different locations. Everyone was so nice, they were lovely.”

Although her time on screen was short, show bosses were so impressed by her performance that they decided to invite Rachael back to the show three years later, with Gail arriving on our screens as a permanent addition to the cast in May 2023.

Rival Soap Role

While many viewers will recognise Rachael for her work on Emmerdale, it may surprise fans to know she has also briefly starred in rival ITV soap Coronation Street!

Starring in just one episode of the popular Manchester soap in 2022, Rachael played an unnamed receptionist on our screens.

Personal Life

Away from her role as Gail, Rachael currently lives in Manchester and leads a very active social life between being needed on set.

Earlier this year, she was lucky enough to head to the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool with friends and even jetted off to Cyprus back in May to help celebrate her big sister’s sun soaked wedding.

It’s clear to see from Rachael’s social feeds that she is a very avid traveller, with her cheerful smile spotted in multiple photos captured around the world, ranging from Paris, France all the way to Sanremo, Italy!

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