Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryders son in mortifying blunder as he name drops dad on First Dates

Happy Monday's singer Shaun Ryder's son Joe was left feeling rather awkward following an embarrassing moment on E4's Teen First Dates.

Joe, who was hoping to find love on the show, decided to name-drop his famous dad during his date, but this didn't quite go to plan.

In a video shared on Instagram, 19 year old Joe asked his date: "I'm doing the name drop. Have you heard of a band called The Happy Mondays?"

His date shook his head in response. Joe then revealed: "So my biological dad is Shaun Ryder, who is the lead singer of The Happy Mondays. I don't know if you know him from I'm A Celeb years ago… Came second?"

Despite Joe's attempts to explain more about his dad, his date still looked puzzled.

Joe continued: "Queen Stacey won, as she should," before his date admitted: "You probably just opened up and I'm like, 'I don't know who that is'."

Joe also shared a cringe-worthy story about an ex-boyfriend commenting on their resemblance while they were kissing.

Joe explained why he prefers when people don't recognise his father, saying: "That makes me so happy because I was seeing a guy and we were passionately kissing.

"He pulls away from the kiss and he goes, 'Wow, you do look like your dad!'" and I was like, 'So what we're not gonna do, is that!'"

Fans quickly took to the comments to chat about people who always mention their famous parents. One puzzled fan asked, "Who on earth hasn't heard of the Happy Mondays," while another joked: "Bet he brings his dad up to every person he meets."

Another user noticed the family resemblance, saying: "He does look like his dad," and another added: "His claim to fame."

His son's appearance on the dating show comes after Shaun revealed that he was left "unable to speak" due to what he called male menopause.

He shared that Hormone Replacement Therapy has been a game-changer for him after trying all sorts of drugs. The singer now uses a testosterone gel to help boost his energy and libido.

Shaun admitted that he was "miserable" and if he misses any of his medication he goes "absolutely mental". He found himself unable to leave the house because he was constantly tired. A routine blood test showed that his "testosterone levels were at zero".

He told The Sun: "I was tired all the time, could barely be bothered leaving the house. My libido was gone and I was miserable. A routine blood test showed my testosterone levels were at zero."

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