Home and Aways Tegan not who she says she is as dark Andrew twist sealed

Home and Away fans have been gripped to their screens since the mysterious Andrew (Joshua Hewson) arrived in Summer Bay.

After being discovered semi-unconscious by Justin Morgan (James Stewart), Andrew formed a close bond with him and Leah who gave him a place to stay.

With Andrew wanting to try and find his real mother after learning he had been kidnapped when he was four, Theo Poulous (Matt Evans) created a missing persons social media post.

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Shortly afterwards, a woman claiming to be Andrew's mother came forward and the troubled teen couldn't wait to leave the bay with his mum.

But things took a dark turn when the woman, who's real name turned out to be Margot Dafoe, was revealed to be the leader of the doomsday Vita Nova cult.

After discovering Margot's true identity, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Justin rushed to save Andrew which almost resulted in Justin's death.

Finally moving past his trauma, Andrew was stunned when his sister Tegan (Sophia Forrest) arrived in the bay, wanting to get to know her brother.

During Friday's episode (September 1), Andrew wrestled with his decision after lying to Justin about wanting to move away with Tegan.

Although he didn't accept it at first, Justin saw how much it hurt Andrew and Tegan to be separated and finally gave the youngster his blessing to live with his sister.

Justin held back tears as they said a heartfelt goodbye, knowing he'd done the right thing – but has he?

Now, Daily Star has put the artificially intelligent “creative” tool Bard AI through its paces to expose what Tegan's true motives are.

The program said: "It is unclear whether Andrew is safe leaving with his sister Tegan on Home and Away. Tegan is a new character who has recently been introduced to the show, and her motives are not yet clear.

"She claims to be Andrew's half-sister, but it is possible that she is lying about her identity and that she has ulterior motives for taking Andrew away."

Sharing possible scenarios for Andrew's storyline, it added: "Tegan could be a dangerous person who is using Andrew for her own purposes. She could exploit him or even harm him."

Another included: "The police could investigate Tegan and discover that she is not who she says she is. They could take Andrew away from her and place him in foster care."

The system also recognised that Tegan could be exactly who she says she is, but only time will tell what will happen to Andrew.

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