Emmerdale star reveals unusual reason men approach her in bars

Over in Emmerdale, we’re currently seeing Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) in revenge mode.

She was jilted on the morning of her wedding by fiancé Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) who couldn’t go through with the wedding because he’s gay and it was all a fake set-up to help his dad Caleb (William Ash) get revenge on Kim Tate (Claire King). And Gabby desperately wants Nicky to suffer for what he did.

Recently viewers saw Gabby trying to enlist the help of Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) to do Nicky some physical harm – and she’s not above a bit of blackmail to help persuade Billy to do her bidding.

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Gabby fell quickly for Nicky after he came to Home Farm to work as a nanny (or pretend to work as a nanny, at least) and it wasn’t long before the two of them were having passionate moments behind the sofa and behind Kim’s back.

Before that Gabby had had a relationship with Marlon (Mark Charnock)’s physiotherapist Kit (Thoren Ferguson), again wasting no time before heading for the bedroom with the hunk, who also happened to be dating her step mum Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy).

‘She’s out there and up for anything, whereas I am not like that at all,’ Rosie Bentham told The Sun recently, keen to stress the differences between her and the character she plays.

When people first meet me they think I’m this “ready to give everything to everyone” kind of girl,’ she explained. ‘But I’m like, “No, you’ve got to try a lot harder than that with me, you can’t just walk through the door.”’

She admitted that Gabby’s ‘Come on then, let’s go upstairs’ approach was ‘a lot of fun to play,’ but insisted she was ‘always very well behaved on a night out.’

Rosie said that she does often get approached by men on a night out – but for an unexpected reason.

‘A lot of guys my age don’t watch Emmerdale, but they’ll come up and ask me to do videos for their mums,’ the actress laughed. ‘It’s usually when we all go out and I’m with the other cast members that I’m more likely to get recognised. You’ll see people next to you scrolling through your Instagram page just to check it is you.’

Despite this, Rosie is currently seeing someone although she admits she’s taking things slowly and is quite cautious.

‘I would say that I’m getting to know someone at the moment but I’m very private when it comes to my love life,’ she revealed.

‘I’m only 22 and things can go wrong pretty quickly at my age, so we’re just taking things slowly. We’re all finding our way.

‘It’s very important to keep your barriers up when meeting people because you never know what their true intentions are. I’ve always been quite cautious when it comes to love and have never dated anyone in the public eye. The guy I’m getting to know is just a normal guy.’

While Rosie is keeping her love life quiet, it sounds like life is going to be anything but quiet for her character Gabby in the months to come.

‘There’s so many new storylines coming my way,’ Rosie enthused. ‘I’m really happy and just want to grab everything they can give me. I’m at an age where they’re offering me lots of great things. It’s just never-ending drama.’

She’s also keeping her fingers crossed for wins for Emmerdale at the National Television Awards.

‘It would be great for Emmerdale to keep the best serial drama title for another year,’ she said.

‘Everyone works so hard and I am so proud to be a part of such a talented bunch of people. As soap actors we love the loyalty of the fans, and it means so much that people continue to enjoy the stories and vote for us to win awards.

‘We wouldn’t have a show without them.’

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