Huge kids’ TV star victim of sick ‘death hoax’ for second time

Justin Fletcher, best known as the beloved children's TV character Mr Tumble, is the victim of a cruel death hoax.

The 53 year old TV star, who is known by almost every child in the country for his loveable character, is actually alive and well, despite cruel pranksters spreading the false claim online on Thursday.

'Mr Tumble Dead' started trending on social media and caused devastated fans to quickly express their sadness over the apparent death of the presenter – but it is not true.

Justin, who has starred in the likes of smash hit Something Special as well as his own show Justin's House, is alive but sadly this hasn’t been the first time he has been at the centre of a deathly cruel joke.

Justin has been the victim of this same cruel joke numerous times since 2019, with the rumours trending again in September this year.

However, the CBeebies legend's Something Special appeared on TV on Thursday at 1:45pm as planned – with the BBC pressing ahead without addressing the online rumours.

As new episodes of Something Special, featuring Mr. Tumble and his companions, continued to be produced and aired, rumours were quickly squashed as it showcased a lively and thriving Mr. Tumble.

In the past, Justin indirectly debunked rumours he had died as he continued to issue content and updates via social media despite speculation of his death spreading.

While websites including, and have routinely falsely reported the fake claims children's entertainer has passed away over the years.

Aside from his career playing Mr Tumble, Justin has also been the voice for other loveable TV characters.

You might recognise him as Doodle and Jake in Tweenies, Miguel in Finley the Fire Engine, Sleeping Bear and Growling Tiger in CBeebies' Boo!, Shaun the Sheep and Harold from Thomas the Tank Engine.

The king of preschool TV has been entertaining little ones with a number of hit shows for 20 years. According to The Mirror, the children's TV star is a household name, estimated to be worth around £1.5 million.

Justin, who hails from Berkshire, was even awarded an MBE in the 2008 Birthday Honours of the late Queen Elizabeth for his services in children's broadcasting.

His work has also caught the attention of smitten mums. Speaking in 2012, he admitted that he has endured some marriage proposals over the years.

He revealed: "Er, yes, I have had emails. I’m not married, live alone and have been single for a while now because I've been a workaholic filming Something Special, Justin’s House and Gigglebiz."

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