Loose Women’s wild confessions – orgasm challenge, blow-up doll and lodger lover

As Loose Women celebrates the 24th anniversary of its launch (September 6), we thought we'd use the occasion to look back at the ladies' raunchiest sex confessions over the years.

The panelists have given women a platform to discuss a variety of both fun and serious matters since 1999 – with the subject of sex-related chat never far from the agenda.

One of the keys to the ITV show's success has been their openness and honesty, and at the same time they've never failed to make us laugh with tales of their bedroom antics.

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Now, join us as we take a delve into the confessions of some of its biggest stars, both past and present.

Blow-up doll

Back in 2018 Nadia had the girls in fits of giggles as they embarked on a debate about whether they would get a sex blow-up doll of their ex-boyfriends.

The former EastEnders star confessed: "If you asked me at 18 whether I would get a blow-up doll, I might have done it."

As the women burst into laughter, Nadia continued: "Does it come already blown?"

Orgasm challenge

It may be daytime telly but Linda Robson stunned the studio and viewers alike with a rather saucy confession in 2017.

Embarking on a seven-day sex challenge with her husband Mark Dunford – without his knowledge – Linda spilled the beans.

She admitted that the pair had previously been intrigued whether having sex would improve her performance at work, and so Linda timed the challenge to find out.

Revealing she had her first orgasm of the week, she said: "I was set a challenge to have an orgasm every day for the next seven days. Fortunately, my husband didn’t know about it.

"So I started off, had a nice bath, shaved my legs – only the front, obviously, because you can’t see the rest of it – shaved my arms, had a little pluck of my chin, put my little nighty on.

"I was sitting on the armchair looking at him and he was laying on the sofa with his laptop with his earphones on watching a film, and I thought, 'There’s no way anything’s going to happen tonight he’s enjoying this film too much.'

"But, eventually I did go up to bed, yeah it did happen. I didn’t initiate it, he started it. So the first night was OK."

She went on to confess that she "never" initiates sex with Mark and that she doubted he would want it a second night in a row.

The women then told her to pop down to Ann Summers as she can "have an orgasm without a bloke".


Former Coronation Street star Denise has previously described herself as a "sexaholic" as she opened up about her addiction to sex while speaking to Piers Morgan on Life Stories back in 2012.

She previously told The Sun: "I like sex. What’s the problem with being a sexaholic? I just like sh*gging."

Denise went on to joked that she would've liked to have romped with her former co-star Bill Roache when he was younger after he claimed to have bedded more than 1,000 women.

When asked about his impressive number of partners, the actress confessed: "I did not know Bill back then. If I did I would have made mincemeat out of him."

Sex with friends

Carol was always the gift that just kept on giving during both her eras time on the show – never afraid to say what she was thinking.

In 2019 she rocked the panel by confessing to having a lot of fun in her younger days, including sleeping with "every single one" of her male friends.

The raunchy admission came out while they were discussing the 30-year anniversary of iconic film, When Harry Met Sally – and the scene where the characters discuss whether it's ever really possible for men and women to be friends.

Carol struggled to agree and explained: "Well because… I actually had lots of straight, male friends when I was younger.

"And I probably ended up sleeping with every single one of them."

Carol then quickly added: "But not all together! And not straight away. Sometimes we'd be friends for years and then one night we'd be like, 'Oh, why not?'"

Sex toy troubles

Loose Women viewers were left in shock in 2016 when one of the show's longest-serving panelists, Coleen Nolan, revealed an hilarious sex toy mishap.

The former singer admitted she fell asleep while using a Rampant Rabbit vibrator after having too much to drink.

Coleen's revelation came as the panel discussed an ITV drama called Brief Encounters, which followed four women whose lives were transformed by sex toy parties.

Trying to explain her own experience, Coleen confessed that she once had a fall out with her husband and decided to go solo.

But she ended up dozing off after a couple of glasses of wine and was only woken up by the buzzing noise of the vibrator.

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Lodger lover

The year 2020 saw four-times divorced Janet admit that she had sex with her lodger instead of charging him for rent.

The then-73-year-old star left her fellow panelists s stunned when she made the raunchy confession, claiming it was an idea to combat her loneliness.

She said: "I'd have male lodgers between divorces. Not at the same time, one after the other.

"And I've got to admit… I did have sex with one of my lodgers because I didn't charge him rent!"

Brenda Edwards then asked: "So he was a lodger with benefits?"

"Exactly. The only thing I asked of him was that he always had some crumpets in the fridge," Janet added.

Parent problems

In 2018 the panel descended into chaos when the topic of whether they would hire someone to teach their children about sex came up.

Nadia was left stunned when co-host Andrea McLean revealed the extreme lengths her father went to stop her having sex.

She explained: "When I went off to college, my dad had a McLean clan figure which looked really stern. He put it above my bed."

Confused, Nadia asked: “To stop you masturbating?”

"No!" she squealed as she covered her face in embarrassment and explained: "I had a boyfriend at the time and it was to discourage me from having sex."

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