ITV Loose Women’s Denise Welch responds to internet death hoax: ‘My insides fell out’

Loose Women star Denise Welch has opened up on her current health status, following rumours that she had passed away.

It comes as the 65 year old fell victim to a death hoax earlier this week after her Wikipedia page was hacked, in which speculation of her death began to circulate rapidly on social media. The news spread like wildfire, especially on Twitter, where her name became the biggest trending topic.

On today's episode of Loose Women, the former Coronation Street actor addressed the event with her fellow panelists, and explained what happened in detail from when she first found out.

Speaking on the show, she shared that her husband, the artist Lincoln Townley told her "not to panic, but you're trending on Twitter."

The actor then revealed that when she had a look, she was greeted by a slew of "RIP Denise Welch" comments. "My insides fell out," she said.

"I read the Wikipedia bit and it said that I had been run over by a mobility scooter driven by an ex Big Brother contestant called Kerry who was a makeup artist for the traveller community," she continued. Naturally, the revelation caused an eruption of laughter that swiftly took hold of the studio.

One, because of how far fetched the story was and two, because whoever made the hoax had combined the lives of two of this year's Big Brother faces – Kerry Riches, who uses a mobility scooter, and Farida Khalifa, who is a makeup artist.

Denise continued telling the elaborate story, adding: "And people were saying 'oh my god, I've just been in the cinema, and Denise Welch has died and come back to life in the duration of one film.' So it became this kind of viral meme of all these different things," she said.

To conclude the explanation, the 65 year old then revealed that she was apparently having a state funeral at Buckingham Palace.

"But having said that, apparently if you're well known enough to have a death hoax then it's a badge of honour," she finished.

Earlier in the week, Denise initially broke her silence on the matter via Twitter. Again, the mother of The 1975 frontman Matty Healy made light of the situation, sharing that she was "alive and well and about to watch the jungle."

Then, just yesterday, Denise posted a photo to her social media of her dressed up as the late Queen Elizabeth as she prepared to make her debut in the West End production of Diana: The Musical.

"And we're off!! Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated #dianathemusical," she typed before taking to the stage the first show.

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