Kerry Katona rushes daughter DJ, 9, to hospital as she shares A&E snap

Kerry Katona has opened up on her terrifying dash to the hospital with her daughter DJ, nine, after months of unexplained bouts of fainting.

The former Atomic Kitten singer, 43, who shared her daughter with the late George Kay, whom she was married to until 2017, was fraught with worry after her little girl became "really poorly".

As a result, Kerry told her followers that she'd had to ditch rehearsals for her latest project so she could stay by DJ's side in hospital. The reality TV star, who is engaged to fiancé Ryan Mahoney, shared a snap of her in a parents' bed next to her daughter, who was resting in a cot-style bed.

Kerry smiled to the camera, as she appeared with a plain white T-shirt and jogging bottoms on, her hair swept back into a casual bun.

"Poor baby girl second day," the worried mum-of-five wrote over the top of the photo. "Soooo Dj has been really poorly had to leave rehearsals and stay in hospital with her… But she's on mend and hopefully will be home soon."

Kerry's update comes after the star had told her fans DJ had been fainting regularly over the last few months. In an exclusive interview with OK!, she went into further detail over the episodes.

"Annabel Giles sadly passed away at 64 last week, which was awful," the star told us at the time. "It really scares me to read things like that. It’s such a shame and I’m thinking of her family. I have health anxiety when it comes to DJ.

"I worry about her, especially recently as she’s had a few fainting spells," Kerry continued. "We took her for an MRI and the doctor found something.

"We’re waiting as her results have been sent to a neurosurgeon, but the doctor seems to think she’s alright. He said that lots of us could have what she has but we’ve just not had MRIs."

While Kerry continues to focus on her daughter's recovery, she has also been anxious over her own health. The TV star recently said that she shouldn't even "be here" and "should be dead" after many years of previous drug abuse.

Kerry also revealed that as a result of copious cocaine use, she now needs to have surgery on her nose as it started to collapse.

"[The doctor] went, 'your nose is collapsing.' So I have damaged my nose from doing drugs," the star said at the time. "I was offered to get it fixed years ago, and I said no, because for me it was a reminder never to touch it [drugs] again.

"So he said, 'do you want us to fix it for you?' And I started crying because it's a massive 360 of where I was to where I am now. And I think wow wow wow, Ok I'll get it fixed.

"Obviously I don't do drugs anymore, I've turned my life around and I'm very proud of myself. We all make mistakes and I think this is a reward for me but I'm scared," Kerry added.

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