Married At First Sight UK fans divided over show and complain where is the good stuff?

Married At First Sight UK fans are becoming increasingly frustrated with this year's series, leading to calls for changes in the show's format.

Viewers have expressed their "loss of interest" as some anticipated drama hasn't materialised in recent episodes.

After a teased explosive dinner party didn't air, frustration grew when new couples were introduced instead of focusing on the "original" couples in the experiment. Social media became a platform for fans to voice their disappointment.

Many pleaded for more focus on the original cast and less on introducing new couples. They expressed their exasperation with new participants being added and the delays in showcasing the drama they were promised.

One person said: "They keep teasing us with tantrums and glasses breaking but where is the good stuff #MAFSUK."

Another asked: "Why they keep adding new couples every episode bruh."

A third added: "Please can it be noted for next season that we the public do not need new couples, we just need more of the OGs. Feeling like I lost interest in all of them now."

A fourth commented: "#MAFSUK I simply can’t express the i amounts of f***s I DON’T give about investing in new couples – last Fridays trailer teased us and we’re being dragged across this week with crumbs!!!!"

The frustration stems from the belief that this year's series is set to be the most chaotic yet, featuring drama-filled drinking games, heated dinner party arguments, and even a physical altercation between contestants.

This year's MAFS UK has kept viewers hooked with ongoing feuds among the participants. Groom Luke Worley was axed from the show after an alleged physical altercation with social media influencer Jordan Gayle.

After news of the dramatic exit was leaked, Luke took to Instagram, where he lashed out at his co-stars and the show producers.

In a series of videos posted to his Instagram Story, Luke began: "I'm f***ing fuming by the way, and first of all, I just want to apologise to the whole audience who watches Married At First Sight UK because we have obviously got a snake in the cast – or snakes.

"And they feel the need to sell stories and give spoilers throughout the whole season of the show. This whole season has just been spoilers, and they make like 50 quid or something stupid for one story."

He continued: "You must be that desperate for a couple of quid if you can't wait a couple of weeks but you choose to sell a story. I'm actually so p***ed off – not just for myself but for you guys at home, who just want to tune in. But it's been ruined for you guys. Everything has been ruined"

Turning his attention to the show producers, Luke claimed that the story had been "over-exaggerated" and that he would soon be revealing all the "juicy" behind-the-scenes gossip and the true story between his shocking show exit.

The series appears poised for further drama, including a cheating scandal involving Ella Morgan and JJ Slater, who are said to have secretly hooked up with each other's spouses.

These developments have kept fans engaged, but they are eager to see the promised drama play out more swiftly on the show.

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