Naked Attractions virgin contestant flustered as host talks female anatomy

Anna Richardson defends Naked Attraction on Gabby Logan's podcast

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Naked Attraction. 

Naked Attraction welcomed its first virgin who learned about the female body from its Channel 4 host. 

Lettings agent Josh, 20, shared his dream of finding a fairytale princess and his so far unsuccessful search has meant he remains a virgin. 

But it was him in the driving seat as presenter Anna Richardson showed him six naked women, throwing him into the deep end by showing the lower half of their bodies first. 

Anna questioned what Josh thought about the Blue contestant’s vulva, before asking: “Do you know what the vulva is?” 

Clearly confused, he replied: “Give me a definition” which Anna was more than happy to do, stating: “So the vulva is the front part of your noo, OK?”

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When he gave another unsure look when asked about the labia, Anna continued: “So what we’re seeing here, we’ve got the vulva and then you’ve got the labia majora, the sort of bigger lips that you see. 

“And then it’s a whole other world when you get inside.”

She jokingly went on to say in a voiceover: “Josh really was in a whole new world. Except instead of rubbing lamps, it was labias. 

“And instead of a genie granting him wishes, it was me explaining what a vulva was. Magical.”

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Later on, Josh also showed his inexperience when he described the clitoris as “the target”. 

Nevertheless, he had to choose between the six women, narrowing it down to two: Elise and Charlotte. 

While Charlotte embodied the blonde, “princess look” that Josh had spoken of, he ended up choosing Elise for the date as she came across “warmer”. 

Things seemed to go well on the date with the pair hitting it off and posing for photos but when they meet up for the post interview five weeks later, their romance hadn’t progressed.

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They remained on good terms and stated they could now be friends after their experience on the show. 

Following their date though, Josh and Elise met up with Charlotte with all three attending a concert together. 

Josh then admitted he and Charlotte had been texting each other so perhaps love could still be in the air for the Naked Attraction virgin.

Naked Attraction is available to watch on All4.

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