Potty-mouthed Harry Potter star certain she was first person to swear on UK TV

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    Miriam Margoyles swears she was the first person to use foul language on British TV – and gets “irritated” by claims it was someone else.

    The outspoken actress, 82, said she is proud that she dropped the F-bomb as a Cambridge student on University Challenge, which left host Bamber Gascoigne shaken.

    She said: “When I hear Kenneth Tynan credited as being the first person to swear on television in 1965, I am irritated. Because actually, it was me – in the first series of University Challenge two years earlier.

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    “I have spent the last 60 years blocking out the expressions of frozen horror on the faces of my beloved Newnham College team as a ‘F***’ burst out of my mouth.

    “The whole studio took in such a shocked deep breath that the willowy form of our bespectacled quizmaster, a very young Bamber Gascoigne, shook in the backdraught.

    “He told me many years later that he had never forgotten the moment and he certainly rattled out the next question at double speed. I was duly bleeped out of the broadcast and thankfully the recordings are now lost.”

    In her new book Oh Miriam! the Call The Midwife star said makes no apologies for her regular use of expletives, adding: “I love swearing – I always have.”

    “’It’s not clever,’ Mummy would say; ‘I suppose you learned that at Cambridge.’ I suppose I did. But there is an undeniable pleasure in seeing the shock, sometimes disgust, on faces when I shout foul language at strangers, often in the car.”

    Miriam had a very potty-mouthed appearance on This Morning on Wednesday. She accidentally swore twice on-air during the show, forcing host Holly Willoughby to jump in and apologise to viewers.

    The first swearing blunder came when Miriam was offering one fan some racy advice for how to get their partner to pay more attention them.

    Hosts Josie and Holly struggled to contain their laughter as Miriam advised: "Be completely naked. Just take off all your clothes and display yourself. Push up your breasts and show him what you've got, and say 'Now look at me, and not at that 'f***ing screen'."

    Defending herself, Miriam said:" I didn't say it, I mouthed it," before smirking at her own mistake. And just when Holly might've thought she could relax, Miriam got the show into trouble again when she blurted out the word "s***" later in the segment.

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