Strictly fans shocked as leak sees celebrity pairings revealed week before launch show

Strictly Come Dancing's celebrity pairings appear to have been leaked on social media – a week before the hit BBC show starts.

The Strictly spoiler Twitter account, which accurately spoils the results of each week before the programme airs, has now seemingly revealed which celeb has been matched with which pro dancer – ruining the surprise for the launch show on Saturday 16 September.

According to reports, the launch show was recorded on Wednesday night and it was said an ‘audience mole’ had leaked the pairings. Fans reacted to the couplings on Twitter – with some showing disappointment that certain pro dancers had been left out of the line up.

OK! has seen the leaked pairings but is not reporting them and has blanked out the names from the tweets.

One avid viewer wrote in response to the leak: "No 'xxxx'? That’s a shame. Thought she may have got a decent partner this year!"

The Strictly Spoiler replied: “Yeah bit disappointing she is benched.”

Others were excited to learn about the couples.

One Twitter user wrote: “I'm so excited about xxxx and xxxx. This is gonna be her year I reckon.” Another added: “Can't believe I was spot on with my xxxx and xxxx prediction. They are going to be brilliant.

“Wasn't expecting xxxx and xxxx but I think they will be amazing. Some really strong Pairings.”

A third said: “Thank you! Looking forward to see all, but especially xxxx and xxxx,I love them both.” A fourth added: “Thank you I'm loving the pairings. Could be good for xxxx as well.”

Strictly bosses are said to be hunting for the ‘mole’ that has been spoiling the show for years. They reportedly became increasingly concerned about the spoilers as they reveal the result of Sunday’s dance off – which is filmed on Saturday nights – each week online.

A Strictly insider told the Mail on Sunday: “For years, the majority of the audience didn’t twig that the Sunday show was pre-recorded, but recently the results have been leaked, spoiling the suspense. Those running the show want to find out who is leaking – and fast.

“What’s really baffling them is that it must be the same person each week.”

It was said that the Strictly audience at Elstree Studios, near London, have their phones taken away during filming. Meanwhile, tickets are given to friends and families of the show’s participants and to members of the public drawn in a ballot.

The celebrities taking part in this year’s Strictly are TV presenters Angela Scanlon and Nikita Kanda, EastEnders star Bobby Brazier, actors Nigel Harman and Adam Thomas, news readers Angela Rippon and Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Benidorm star Layton Williams, actresses Ellie Leach and Amanda Abbington, paralympian Jody Cundy, former tennis player Annabel Croft and comedy legend Les Dennis.

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