Strictly in new favouritism row as furious fans point out star’s ‘advantage’ for FOURTH week running | The Sun

STRICTLY was in a new favouritism row after furious fans pointed out one of the stars had an ‘advantage’ for the FOURTH week running.

Actress Amanda Abbington has a dance that nobody else has AGAIN.

Amanda and her professional partner Giovanni Pernice will be performing the foxtrot to Fleetwood Mac's tune Everywhere.

Viewers were quick to point out that she is the only celebrity with that dance – and that is apparently a big advantage.

One wrote on Reddit: "Amanda for the 4th week in a row getting a dance no other celeb has? I thought it was a non issue before and people were being over dramatic but a month straight of her not being able to be directly compared to anyone else on the night is starting to feel like some favouritism."

"Getting unique dances (and sometimes being the first to do them) definitely helps Amanda and Gio to stand out from the other contestants and is ever so slightly reading as favouritism to me. She also tends to score quite well from the judges so she is effectively "setting the standard" for each of the styles. Now Jody and Nigel have salsas this week we will probably subconsciously be comparing them to her as she went first," another pointed out.

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A third added: "Amanda always does a different dance from what everyone else is doing… which helps her stand out."

Earlier this month the programme was embroiled in a ‘favouritism’ row after they pointed out that Amanda and Giovanni landed the ‘best dance’ for a second week running.

They received 32 out of 40 for their Salsa, which nobody else had been given.

After the first live episode fans accused the producers of giving them an unfair advantage.

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During the first live show they scored 29 out of 40 after dancing the Viennese Waltz to Lewis Capaldi's tune Pointless.

After Saturday night's episode some fans spotted a ‘feud’ between Amanda and Layton Williams.

The actor managed to top the leader board and viewers were quick to point out that Amanda "failed to clap" his performance.

One wrote: "Yeah they were good but did anyone else see her face at the end when Layton knocked her off the top spot – she didn’t applaud them."

Another posted: "Yep, neither of them clapped for him and they both looked miserable. They don't seem like good sports to me."

Over the weekend it was  Nikita Kanda who was voted off the show.

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